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Totally useless, and absolutely no effort on their part to improve. Pass. is a useless site. It has no features to speak of, and more importantly, no women who want to hook up!

Worse than that, this site is all about trying to make people think it’s better than it really is. Everything about this site reeks of a Gleeden scam, and we’re not at all excited to be part of the group being scammed.

married dating scam alert image

To top off that rank piece of crap cake, this is one of the LEAST discreet sites you can join. Your information is not safe with them, and we’re totally sure there’s no reason to go back.

So, is really all that bad? Let’s take a closer look at this pile of crap and see why we hate it so much.

There are some sites that you can tell put a lot of effort into the website itself. Yeah, is NOT one of those. This site is all over the place, from the first second you click on the weird black-and-white interface to the moment you see how long the terms & conditions are and you’re SURE they’re trying to rip you off somehow.

(Believe us, they are.)

main screen for gleeden

The premise of is that it’s “made by women,” something they’re so proud of that they say it several times on pretty much every page of their website. Uh, we don’t care who it’s made by? We just care that the site works at getting us married dates or not, and this site definitely does NOT work at getting anyone laid.

Seriously, do they think that women are just better at designing websites or something? Actually, it’s probably an attempt to get more women to join the site, thinking that there are going to be a lot more female-friendly features or something.

Sorry, dudes, but it didn’t work. There are very few women on here, and even fewer in your actual area.

The site numbers are a lie.

This site claims that it has over a million members. While that might be true in a technical sense, it really doesn’t translate to you being able to get more ass on

What you need to look at is the place it says that is the “largest international site” for married singles to hook up. That word “international” is a HUGE red flag!


There might be a lot of people on, but they’re DEFINITELY not going to be in your backyard, and they have NO INTENTION of ever hooking up with you.

The vast majority of’s membership comes from two places: Eastern Europe, and SouthEast Asia.

If you’re curious about how to spot a scam? That’s it. If you find a site that has a large amount of members from these two areas, you ARE being scammed out of money.

Don’t believe us?

Look at the membership details by country and compare it with the profiles you see. Huh…notice something? You’re probably not seeing ANY profiles of girls from SouthEast Asia, for example, even though they make up 30 percent of the girls on the site!

That’s because they’re pretending to be Americans.

These girls put up fake profiles pretending to be Americans, and respond to emails from American guys looking to get laid. They get paid tiny amounts of money to try and scam dudes out of their paychecks this way, making them think there are a bunch of girls on looking to meet up with them, when actually this is just the old Gleeden scam. Test Results: What We Learned After Trying For Married Dating

The process of signing up for a date on is really long and boring. While the site claims that profile creation is simple, it actually takes a surprisingly long time. We had several issues with site functionality during our time on, which further increased our desire to GET THE HELL AWAY FROM IT.

We sent out 450 emails to girls on, over the course of three months. During that time, we got back 45 emails, just 10 percent of what we sent out. That’s a pretty lousy return rate!

Literally all of the emails we got back were from girls who obviously didn’t speak English. We’re not sure where the hell they were from, but it definitely wasn’t from the place it said on their profiles. This held true in every single city we tried for our Gleeden comparison.

We did TRY to set up one date, but she never showed. We’ll never know if that girl really just had a hard time with English, or whether she was a scam.

(We’re like 90 percent sure she was a scam, though.)

Is A Scam, Or Just Not Worth It?

Are you out to get a Chinese bride? If so, might be awesome for you!

Of course, she’ll probably just take your money and never put out, but let’s be honest, all wives are like that to some extent. Then, you won’t have to think of as a scam, but as a fun matchmaking service. Who cares if you never get laid?

Seriously, if you’re here looking to get laid, you’re going to be VERY disappointed. The site is expensive, there are almost no features, and you’re going to wind up without your cash if you entertain the thought of talking to even one girl. They’re ALL scammers out to get their hands on your wallet, no matter where they claim to be from.

Should You Use For Married Dating? Review Conclusion

Do NOT think you can use for getting a hot married date. This will completely take your money and get away with it, because no one on this site gives a crap. There’s no reason to spend your time and money here, when you could be spending it at an awesome site like where you’ll actually get laid.

30 Responses to “Review of Why We Didn’t Rank As One Of Our Top Married Dating Sites”

  1. this site is the worst. gleeden is one of the worst sites i have had to review so far because of all the private investigators on it

  2. can’t believe this site is still up and functional. there’s no comparison to how bad it is, throw this one in the river and get away

  3. Hungry Seriously Genius

    it’s definitely a scam. this site doesn’t have any real women on it only a bunch of fake profiles. really gross and bad

  4. i’m really not sure if this site is legit or not?? gleeden just doesn’t do it for me though, i can’t get any of the women to talk with me

  5. there’s NOTHING good about this site. i can’t believe anyone still uses it, it’s among the worst i have ever seen, stay away

  6. this can’t even be called an affair site. gleeden is the worst of the worst, you won’t get laid and you might just get scammed

  7. for my rating i can only call this a failure flop of an F and that it needs to be taken down. avoid this site like the plague

  8. Francois Ravenblack

    the only dating site i am still wary of. i won’t use this one, it’s just a hot mess, the women aren’t even hot and it’s slow as heck

  9. i’m not sure that gleeden is among the best for dating out there. it just seems a little clunky and the women aren’t that hot

  10. Barry Sulyard

    sites like this are just asking for you to get scammed. don’t spend your money here, it is not worth it anyway when the girls are fake

  11. really glad to give gleeden a review what it’s honestly the worst site i’ve tried in awhile. stay away from all these fakes for sure

  12. unfortunately there is no comparison to how bad this is… or maybe that’s fortunately because there aren’t as many bad sites out there

  13. The Orangutan

    if you’re looking for a scam then this is it. fake profiles everywhere and probably some private investigators too, oh boy

  14. this site may or may not be legit, i’m not sure. seems like it could be a fun site but for me it just seems to work very slowly

  15. Paris Read

    not much good to say about this one and i can’t imagine it getting any better. it’s over run with fakes, really not the place i want to be

  16. gleeden is one of the worst affair sites i have ever seen. can’t believe its still functional when it’s honestly so bad

  17. really bad site and one that needs an F rating. i will never use this site again after realizing exactly how bad it is. huge pass.

  18. this is NOT a good dating site. dont spend money on a site that is just going to make you get caught. it’s the worst of the worst

  19. for dating i’m not sure that is really the best? i can’t really seem to get any of these women to talk to me

  20. Courtney Yeskey

    sites like this are usually giant flops and this one is no different. you will get caught using this site so don’t bother spending money

  21. gleeden is pretty deserving of a bad review. it has so many fake profiles that i can’t even count them. pass on this one for good

  22. don’t spend your money here when in comparison you can find a dozen other sites that are so much better, seriously!

  23. Rotten Crystal

    it’s definitely a scam and one that is pretty obvious at that. at least that has that going in its favor, it won’t steal as much money from you

  24. gleeden is one of those sites that i’m not sure if it’s legit or not. i hope it is but these women just won’t answer me on here

  25. Stefan Fisher

    nothing about this site is good. save your money and go to a site with legitimate people that are actually real

  26. if you want a good affair site then stay away from this one because it just isn’t. there’s nothing about gleeden that is good

  27. the women on this site aren’t real and that’s why it just gets a bad rating plain and simple. don’t waste your money

  28. Hammer Skilled

    this is a really bad dating site and i can’t imagine it doing much for anyone. pass on this one if you have any common sense

  29. Roderick doesn’t really seem to be working for dating. i can’t imagine why but at least the girls are pretty to look at

  30. Sung Wynne

    sites like this are soooo obviously a scam. there’s so many fake profiles that it’s just painful. pass on this one in general


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