Review of Ihookup.Com: Why We Didn’t Rank Ihookup.Com As One Of Our Top Married Dating Sites


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When you're dating married women, you want an element of security. This is NOT the place to find security at all.

We joined looking for the hot date based on “chemistry” that it promised us.

Instead, we just got the sound of crickets chirping.

There aren’t many women on Worse still, the site is REALLY not safe to use if you’re a married man, and presumably if you’re a single man as well.

Between the lack of being able to get a date and the total lack of safety, it’s easy to see why we’re not putting on any best review list. If you’re still not convinced, let’s take a look at what makes us want to avoid this website at all costs.

married dating scam alert image

We were NOT optimistic when we showed up to

Call us crazy, but we think that a website for hooking up with should be at least a little bit SEXY. doesn’t look sexy at all. The site talks a lot about science (but nothing actually that makes sense), and everything is gray and pale blue and white in big boxy colors.

Basically, it looks like the design template that it is. This could easily be done in twenty minutes on WordPress, and that’s exactly what it looks like has been done here.

main image for ihookup claims to be all about Chemsitry and Science, but there’s NO science behind it. It claims that “only by using chemistry are you guaranteed to find matches that sizzle!”

Okay, first of all, tell us exactly what you’re talking about or stop pretending to know.

The whole “chemistry” thing just sounds fake. We joined the site, and there’s nothing on it about chemistry whatsoever. It’s exactly like every other crappy dating site, really. You answer a bunch of dumb questions, and it tells you how suited it thinks you are for a girl on the website.

The thing is, not only are these matches total B.S. that doesn’t make any sense, they’re not even matching you with real women.

The profiles they matched us with were OBVIOUSLY fake. We’re not sure if they’re trying to say that we’re fake and opposites attract (how dare you!), or whether there just are no real women on, but we’re leaning towards the latter.

Ihookup.Com Test Results: What We Learned After Trying Ihookup.Com For Married Dating

During our time on, we sent out emails to 450 girls-five guys, for three months, sending out one email a day. It sounds like a lot of emails, but when you break it down like that, it really didn’t feel like much. All told, we probably spent about ten minutes a day on the crappy site made it feel like much longer.

We got back a pathetic 22 responses!

We HATE for the results it gave us during writing this review. We were sure that we’d do better than that, but then again, we didn’t know that the site was just a giant scam.

If a website gives you that low a response rate, first look at the emails you’re sending out. Are they good emails? Do they mention something about the girl’s profile rather than just her looks? Are they about one paragraph long, keeping it short but still saying something about substance? Did you make sure not to talk about her tits or your dick?

If you’ve done all of those things and more (check out our guide to initiating contact with a married woman) and you’re still not getting responses, the problem isn’t with you. It’s with the terrible, crappy website you’ve decided to be a part of.

Needless to say, this was the fault of We are GOOD at getting laid, even on sites that are just mediocre. For a site to give us such a low percentage of responses, we knew it had to be a scam.

Plus, we didn’t get laid once, and our game is WAY stronger than those tiny numbers!

Is Ihookup.Com A Scam, Or Just Not Worth It? tries to pass itself off as a fantastic and sexy site for dating of all kinds, but it doesn’t succeed at ANYTHING. Why would you purposely say that you’re doing all these cool things when in fact you’re not doing anything at all right?

We’re just not sure why they felt the need to include this “chemistry” gimmick, and we’re not sure who they’re trying to reel in. We think maybe this is because they’re trying to say that most hookup first dates are awkward or there’s no chemistry?

We’ve been on a LOT of first dates. Trust us, there’s always awkwardness, but there’s almost always a lot of chemistry and tension, too. There’s something so sexy about knowing that both of you WANT to go home together later that makes everything much more intense.

Then again, wouldn’t know. There are no dates that happen as a result of this terrible website.

For a website that invests a lot in this gimmick, certainly doesn’t try very hard to make sure that the customers believe that they’re actually doing something.

They say they have this chemistry matching thing, but after you’re a member they basically never mention how it works! You just answer some stupid questions, and it pairs you up with some random person who will never email you back, and then they pat themselves on the back and yell, “CHEMISTRY!” we guess.

At least, we’d say that if there were any real people running this site, but we’re pretty sure it’s just a bunch of random algorithms that spit out a bad dating site every few months.

Should You Use Ihookup.Com For Married Dating? Review Conclusion

There’s no reason to give your hard-earned cash to You’re better than that, and you can DO better than that. If you want to hook up, there are a lot of fantastic sites for meeting married women, and for DATING married women that won’t rip you off like does.

Personally, we love the most of every site we’ve tried. We’re pretty damn sure that it’ll work for you, too.

50 Responses to “Review of Ihookup.Com: Why We Didn’t Rank Ihookup.Com As One Of Our Top Married Dating Sites”

  1. is the worst site i have ever used. that’s why it deserves an awful review, it will scam you out of so much money

  2. this site has no comparison to how bad it is. the women on it are all FAKE and you definitely won’t get laid with that in mind

  3. The Light Giant

    this site is very obviously a scam. i can’t believe that it’s still up and running but it is and you will NOT get laid here…

  4. i’m not sure if ihookup is legit or not but i haven’t had any luck on here so far. it’s a shame because some of the women are really hot

  5. Elliott Greif

    not good. there’s nothing here that is good to be honest and you definitely won’t get laid on here with all these fake profiles

  6. if you are looking for a good affair site, ihookup isn’t it. pass on this site and really don’t attempt to go any further

  7. i can’t believe this site doesn’t have a worse rating. it’s really a huge miss for me and i can’t get a single woman to talk to me

  8. Grub Jacob Silverbeard

    all fakes, all of them. this is a bad dating site and you won’t get laid because all the women on here are just a hot mess of fake

  9. i’m not sure that ihookup is the best for dating?? i had high expectations but it seems to miss a little bit on my end

  10. Carmelo Richards

    when i try sites like this out i really don’t have that many expectations but this one was just so obviously bad that i had to run screaming away

  11. is the worst site i have had a chance to review so far. it’s just not good. the women aren’t hot and the site is bad

  12. fake profiles everywhere and for that there’s no comparison. it’s completely taken over by scam artists so you just dont stand a chance

  13. this site is a pretty big scam. it misses the mark in every regard for me so i won’t waste my time on it any longer

  14. i am not sure if ihookup is legit or not but i am hoping it is. the women are kind of hot and i wish they would actually talk to me

  15. Joan Wise

    NOT a good site, there isn’t anything on it that i will be interested in spending more money on so pass on it in general

  16. isn’t the best affair site out there by far. if you want a good site look anywhere else, but this one won’t give you what you need

  17. lowest rating out of all the sites i’ve tried lately for sure. it just flops. there are nothing but scam artists on this website

  18. Dirty Rocky Craw

    kind of fails as a dating site in every regard. you won’t get laid on here at all because the women just don’t exist

  19. if you are trying to do some online dating then maybe this site will work. ihookup seems fun but it’s kind of slow moving.

  20. Norris Foster

    i hate sites like this. all scammers, all of them, and they don’t care about you. they just want to steal your money

  21. the only review i can give for a site like is a bad one. it just steals your money and doesn’t care so why bother??

  22. trying to think of a comparison to this site is like pulling teeth. no one likes it and it’s just going to be bad anyway so whatever

  23. Hearty Insane Hamster

    definitely a scam. the profiles are all scams and there is a good chance you will get caught if you use this website so pass on it!

  24. i’m not convinced that is legit yet but i am hoping it is, the women are hot and i just want to chat with them a little

  25. Brent Eisenhart

    really nothing good to say here. there are private investigators all over this site and they will catch you so watch out

  26. good luck making this crappy affair site work for you. it won’t happen. ihookup is a waste of time and space and you WON’T get laid

  27. this site doesn’t even deserve a rating, it’s that bad. don’t count on meeting anyone on here at all, the women are all fake

  28. Stringzumdom

    a BAD example of a dating site. the women on here just aren’t hot for one and you won’t get laid. at least the fake profiles are obvious

  29. Demetrius

    i think ihookup could be good for dating but so far it’s just slow for me. i will stick around to see if that changes in the future

  30. Darwin Lambert

    can’t imagine sites likes this stick around for long because they’re such obvious scams. at least i hope that’s the case. pass on this one.

  31. DESERVES a bad review. it just misses the mark in every regard. stay away from this one if you value your self esteem

  32. there are very few sites that are bad as this one. there isn’t much of a comparison to be had. stay away from here.

  33. Gruesome Snake

    definitely a scam. there isn’t much on this site that isn’t. don’t spend time or money on a place that will just rip you off

  34. i’m not sure if ihookup is the most legit of sites but it seems like it could be fun. i will keep giving it a try in the future

  35. Romeo Heckendora

    it’s just not good is the thing. don’t spend money on a site that is subpar, you won’t get laid on here let alone meet a woman

  36. this isn’t a good affair site at ALL. you won’t get laid on ihookup. you won’t even get a message returned on here!

  37. 0 out of 10 rating. i can’t believe this site is still up and active. the women on here are all fakes or scam artists

  38. Dangerous James Redblade

    not much to say about this dating site other than stay away from it. the women are fake but at least that’s an obvious thing

  39. as far as dating goes i’m not sure ihookup would be my first choice but it does an okay job. it’s just sort of eh so far

  40. sites like this are a huge hit and miss opportunity and this is a total miss. pass on this and spend your money on a real site

  41. if you are looking for real women then stay away from this one lmfao ihookup is one of the worst sites i’ve had to review

  42. no comparison to how much of a crappy mess this one is. it’s just bad. the women on here are all fakes

  43. definitely a scam lmfao the women on here are so obviously stolen fake pics and a lot of scammers on top of that

  44. i was worried that ihookup would not be legit but i am still not sure about it. hopefully the women on here will answer me soon

  45. Carlo Wildman

    not anything good on here to common on. it’s all a hot mess of fake profiles and scam bots so good luck with that

  46. one of the worst affair sites i’ve ever been on for sure. they just don’t know what they are doing here other than scamming you

  47. don’t spend your money on a site like this one. it’s an F in my rating book and i will never use it again because of that

  48. The Hurricane

    this is a BAD dating site. the women on here are all just spambots and fake profiles, not worth a second glance at all

  49. if you are trying to do some fast dating then i don’t think ihookup is for you. if you don’t mind taking your time then give this site a shot

  50. Emanuel Knisely

    nothing good about sites like this. they’re all obvious scams and just a hot mess so pass on it and save your money


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