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If you wanted to join a forum where guys whine about being friendzoned, this would be it. If you want an actual date with a woman, look elsewhere.

Before you pay money to join, see if there are any Whiny Bitch support groups in your area.

These are groups full of guys who like to wail about being Friendzoned, guys who are constantly moaning about how women don’t like Nice Guys, and guys who won’t give a girl the time of day unless she’s buck-naked and holding a sandwich.

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If you can find one that’s free, just go to that group and listen to this bunch of delusional manchildren whine. That’s the EXACT same experience you’ll get from, and you won’t have to pay for the crappy website when you do.

Are we being too harsh on Are there reasons we dislike it so much? Let’s take a closer look at this website and what we did and didn’t like about it.

As you may already have guessed, there are absolutely no women on

Seriously, we spent three months on this website and we have yet to see conclusive proof that a single woman actually exists on there. This site is 100 percent male, and all of these guys are constantly WHINING about their stupid lives.

just hook up image

If we wanted to hang out with mopey dudes, we’d go to a sports bar and chat up some alcoholics. We come to dating sites to MEET WOMEN who want to hook up, not to hear guys bitch and moan about not getting dates with those same women.

Almost all the women’s profiles are inactive, and god, we can’t blame those poor girls. If they’re constantly being hit on by the guys we met in the chat rooms, we’re surprised they didn’t just give up on men all together and become lesbians right away. (Although if they want to do that on video chat, we guess we wouldn’t MIND…) Test Results: What We Learned After Trying For Married Dating

During our time on, we sent out messages to 450…well, we usually say we sent out messages to 450 women, but we’re pretty sure there aren’t any women on We at least sent out messages to 450 profiles.

During the time we were writing our JustHookup review, we actually only got back 13 responses-and none of them were real. They were a jumbled mess, obviously written by someone who didn’t speak English, so the site could try and get us to stay.

Yeah, that didn’t work.

Maybe the site doesn’t get this, but the ONLY way we’re going to stay on a website is if it gets us laid. That’s our alpha and omega, and this site fails at that so hard that no broken English email is going to convince us to stick around and waste more money.

We didn’t get a date, and we didn’t get laid. is a total and complete bust.

Is A Scam, Or Just Not Worth It?

As you may have gathered from earlier in our JustHookup review, we spent some time on the chat rooms during this comparison.

You do NOT want to go in the chat rooms on They will make you lose faith in humanity.

They’re basically full of guys who…well, you know, let’s just show you. Here are some of the topics that were ALWAYS at the top when we went to look at the chat rooms:

  • Why doesn’t she make me a sandwich lol bitch get back int eh kitchen
  • Girls don’t like me why don’t girls like me
  • My ex is a bitch and all women are just like her
  • Ways to put a woman in her place (share yours haha)
  • I wish girls would be nice to me

If you would contribute to any of these threads in a place where you’re trying to hook up, go back and read ALL of our guides to hooking up with women. If you make it look like you don’t respect the woman you’re trying to get with, especially if you’re trying to date a married woman, you’re going to find your ass dumped so fast you won’t even have time to blink.

There are some times when it’s okay to whine about how you’re not getting laid. Those times are when you’re drunk and you’re paying either the bartender or the cabbie to not throw you out just yet.

Seriously, if you need to tell someone about how women don’t like you, get a friend or a therapist (or again, a bartender). Just…just don’t do it where women can see you. That’s just pathetic.

Another thing that does that’s sketchy as all hell is fake websites.

We don’t mean that the whole website is fake. Yes, it sucks, but it’s not all that bad. It’s not going to give you malware or anything, it just stands no chance of getting you an actual date.

What DOES do is buy up domain names that people are likely to search for, like “just hookup scams,” and then puts up a fake page saying, “No, justhookup is NOT a scam, I used it just to prove that it’s totally and completely not a scam!”

They apparently think that we’ll buy that.

Of course, that sounds legit. Every time we eat cereal we buy up the blog “cerealpoison” just to make sure and tell everyone that cereal is NOT poison, and they should all buy some today. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a really obvious scam at ALL.

Should You Use For Married Dating? Review Conclusion

This is a scammy, gross website where guys go to whine about their feelings, and we can’t think of anything we want to hang out with less than a bunch of pathetic dudes. We come to these websites to meet hot women, not to pat a dude’s back when he cries about his ex.

If you want a good website where SEXY chat happens in chat rooms, try or They have features that you can’t get anywhere else!

50 Responses to “Review of Why We Didn’t Rank As One Of Our Top Married Dating Sites”

  1. is just GROSS. that’s why i had to leave a review. it’s a hot mess and one you won’t find any dates on

  2. few sites are as bad as this one in comparison. i can’t believe it’s still up and working and scamming people. pass on this one.

  3. Elephant Ruthless

    this site is a huge scam. the profiles are all fake and it’s just a giant mess of a site. good luck even getting it to work for you.

  4. i’m not sure if is legit or not. it seems like it could be a fun site but i’m not sure yet. the women on it are hot though!

  5. it’s just not a good site. there’s nothing on here that is actually redeemable or fun. pass on it for sure and take your money elsewhere

  6. NOTHING about this affair site is good. just hookup won’t let you meet a single woman and you will just end up throwing money away

  7. baaad bad bad, deserving of the lowest rating for sure. i can’t believe people still use this one. it’s not worth a single penny.

  8. Belay Henri Coldbane

    don’t use this dating site. opt for literally anything else except this one. you won’t get laid on here, you’re just paying scam artists

  9. if you are looking for a good dating site i think maybe justhookup will be good but i’m not sure, it’s just kind of slow so far

  10. Hayden Quinn

    when i see sites like this i just want to do everything i can to bring them down. they’re huge and obvious scams and not worth anything to you

  11. don’t spend your money on this site. there’s a reason why justhookup deserves a bad review, it’s because it’s a SCAM

  12. few sites come close in comparison lmfao this site is just BAD. you won’t get laid. you probably won’t even get a MESSAGE.

  13. Dromedary Nasty

    good luck getting around this scam of a site and actually getting something out of it. it isn’t going to make anything happen

  14. is one of those sites that i’m not sure is legit but i hope it is because the ladies are really hot

  15. Dallas Peters

    not much to say about a site like this. it’s just not good in general. pass on it and move on to a site that actually delivers something good

  16. you are not getting ANYTHING on this affair site. good luck spending your money on justhookup and watching it go to absolutely nothing

  17. this site needs a bad rating because it really doesn’t deliver at all. if you want a bunch of scam artists then hop aboard

  18. Bloody Francois Gull

    this dating site will not deliver. don’t spend an ounce of money here if you actually want to get something out of it other than hot pics

  19. i can’t be sure that justhookup is the best site for dating yet but it seems kind of slow so far. hot ladies but no responses

  20. Juan Thomas

    i will never use sites like this again. they just don’t deliver. i’m never thrilled by them and i think that they do a bad job

  21. not even worth a review to be honest. justhookup flops around uselessly and gets nothing done on it, pass on this one

  22. if you want to actually meet women go to ANY other site. those for comparison get me a ton of responses this one gets none

  23. Mysterious Mandrill

    definitely a scam. this site is a mess of fake profiles and scam artists, you won’t be able to get anything out of this site at all

  24. the women on here are gorgeous but i’m not sure if justhookup is legit or not. it’s really not very good at moving things along quickly

  25. Steve Zundel

    if you think this site is good then you’re wrong. it misses on all points and doesn’t get you to even talk to a single woman

  26. this is not a good affair site. save your money and go somewhere else, leave justhookup in the dust. it’s just a mess

  27. the only rating i can give this site is an F-. it doesn’t hit any marks and it’s just a really big mess and you won’t get laid

  28. Honey Ocelot

    good luck trying to meet ANYONE on this dating site. it’s nothing but a lot of fake ladies, pass on it

  29. i’m not entirely sure that justhookup is the best for dating. the women on it just seem kind of hard to get in touch with

  30. Clinton Sanner

    when i see sites like this i am rarely impressed. there’s absolutely nothing to see on here that will get you absolutely laid

  31. the only thing i can give in this review is a lot of gross noises. just hookup is a huge mistake so don’t sign up for it at all

  32. save your money. this site is a mess and there are few sites that come close in comparison to HOW BAD IT IS

  33. Hideous Breeze

    definitely a scam and it’s obvious. that’s the only saving grace to this site, it’s a really big mess of fake profiles and scammers

  34. if you are looking for something legit i’m not sure that just hookup is it?? i’m just not sure that this site does a good job

  35. Dino Martin

    it’s NOT GOOD. that’s pretty obvious from one glance. don’t expect anything on this site to get you hooked up with anyone

  36. is not a good affair site. really pass on it and spend your money on something else, this site won’t do it

  37. 0 out of 10 rating for sure. this site is a hot mess of fake profiles, and the women on their fake profiles aren’t even hot, run away

  38. Forgotten Swallow

    the only dating site i have ever used is better than this one. you won’t get laid on here and the women aren’t even real

  39. for dating i think that might miss the mark a little bit. some of the women are hot but they just don’t answer messages

  40. Angel Blyant

    for sites like this i usually try and keep something good in mind but there just isn’t anything good to say on here.

  41. the only review i can give this site is one bashing it. is REALLY not good. pass on this one and spend money somewhere else

  42. there are few sites that are as bad as this one. in comparison to every other site i just can’t get anyone to talk to me on here

  43. Square Crayon

    this site is a giant scam. it’s a hot mess and you won’t get laid on here. the women on here are all fakes

  44. seems like it might be legit but i’m really not sure. this site is sort of hit and miss so far let’s hope it chanegs

  45. Ronnie Shallenberger

    there is NOTHING good about this site. it is just a really big mess. you won’t get laid on here and there is absolutely nothing about it that’s good

  46. this is a mess of an affair site. justhookup is reeeally a bad site. the women on here are impossible to talk to

  47. all fakes and nothing good. that’s why it deserves a bad rating. it’s really not good and you won’t get laid at all

  48. Abandoned Smoke

    for a dating site there isn’t ANYTHING good to say about it. unfortunately this site doesn’t do anything to get you laid

  49. this site seems okay for dating but justhookup isn’t my favorite. the girls are hot but otherwise it’s just kind of eh

  50. Darius Marshall

    when there are sites like this they need to really knock it out of the park but this one just DOESN’T. pass on it for sure.


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