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Confusing with way more men than a married dating site should have, and the women are barely present. This site is a ghost town.

Aside from laying claim to having one of the WORST names in any dating site history, doesn’t have a lot of other claims to fame going for it in any regard.

We’re actually not sure exactly what happened to This is a terrible site, sure, but it’s different from other bad sites. It actually feels, looking at it and trying to hook up on this site, like it used to be a good site that something really bad happened to.

married dating scam alert image

We saw a LOT of profiles on this site, but all of them were inactive. If the site was going to try and scam us out of money, why not just have the profiles say that they were active?

This is kind of a confusing website, and we had NO luck on If you did, we’re shocked, because there really aren’t any women.

(There are a lot of men, though, but if you’re not trying to date a married woman, why are you on this site? Go to another site if you’re looking to meet a bunch of men. We don’t judge, but we’re not here to tell you how to have a gay hookup either.)

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So, what makes such a complete and utter failure of a website? Let’s take a closer look.

There really aren’t any women on who are looking for men. Most of the girls on this site are, well, not actually ON this site.

Even in a major metropolitan area like Sacramento or New York City, it was almost IMPOSSIBLE to find a woman who actually goes on often. Seriously, even by lowering our parameters completely to pretty much nothing but location, we STILL weren’t able to find a woman who’d been online in the last 24 hours.

When your whole website is based on hooking up, that’s an unforgivable sin. Not only that, but it’s kind of weird.

The whole website made us feel like we were in a ghost town. Nothing about this site felt right, and it seemed weird that the whole thing even still existed and hadn’t been taken down.

We guess we’ll give them points for not faking profiles and photographs to pad out their floundering website, but there’s little praise in that when it just makes it more obvious that the website is a complete and total waste of your time and money. Test Results: What We Learned After Trying For Married Dating

During our time writing the LikeToCheat review, we sent out emails to 450 women. In general, we try to confine ourselves to sending out emails only to women who have recently been active, but that’s simply impossible on

We only got back eight emails, which isn’t all that much of a surprise, when you look at how empty the site is. Honestly, we’re just surprised that we got any emails back at all, even if none of them lead to anything.

We never hooked up, and we never even had a date. is a total bust.

If the site had hooked us up, we’d have forgiven it for some of the weird things it does, like the terrible features and the lack of any customer support. As it is, we’re not mad, we’re just disappointed.

Is A Scam, Or Just Not Worth It?

There are a lot of things you can buy for $37. Believe us, we’ve thought of that every time we’ve dropped that kind of cash on a dating site, especially a useless one like

Funny, we don’t get that feeling when we’re on a good site like, or even on, even though that site is way more expensive than most of the ones we’ve reviewed.

Here’s a list of just a few of the things you could buy with the money you’d otherwise be totally wasting by spending it on a totally useless website like

  • Most of a tank of gas
  • Two movie tickets and smuggled-in snacks
  • About 15 loaves of bread
  • 37 boxes of Wal-mart pasta
  • Enough condoms for a couple wild weekends
  • A somewhat-new videogame

If you’d rather spend the money on, there’s absolutely something wrong with you.

This website is useless and BORING. There are no fun chat rooms, no sexy videos, no way to talk to other singles, and, oh yeah, you’re NOT going to meet anyone for sex.

Look, we love hooking up with married ladies. Given that we’ve written this whole website to teach other guys how to hook up like us, it’s pretty safe to say that we love hooking up more than most guys we know, and we can pretty much prove it like that.

But even we aren’t so crazy about the idea of sex that we’d voluntarily give money to just ANY website that promises to get us laid. We have a lot more self-respect than that, and we don’t want you to get caught paying money to a site like this either.

This site is not worth it.

There are no women, and you’re not going to magically make them reappear just because you’re suddenly looking for the prowl. These women are GONE, and even though we don’t know where they’ve gone, we’re reasonably sure that they’re not coming back.

Should You Use For Married Dating? Review Conclusion

Abandon this website like the sad, tired, useless old thing that is.

There are a LOT of good websites out there that will help you meet women. is our favorite for meeting married women, and we’re pretty sure you’ll have fantastic luck there. You can also try, which is our second-favorite site for meeting married women.

Just don’t settle for There are better sites out there.

50 Responses to “Review of Why We Didn’t Rank As One Of Our Top Married Dating Sites”

  1. this site is just bad. who likes to cheat anyway?? not this kid. i wish i could be at home and happy but nope, here i am leaving this review

  2. i can’t think of a single comparison to how bad this site is. it’s a hot mess and it seems to know it. you won’t get laid here!!

  3. it’s probably a scam and i dont’ even care. it’s bad even without that being a thing. pass on this one as a general rule

  4. i am not sure if is legit but it seems like a fun site. i just wish the women on here would respond more quickly

  5. nothing good to say here. this site is just full of fake profiles and it doesn’t even care. you won’t get laid, you’ll get scammed

  6. one of the worst examples of an affair site that i have seen in awhile. is not good. you won’t get laid and you’re throwing money away

  7. the only rating this site gets from me is an F. it’s bad. it’s really bad. it doesn’t care. it’s just not good and it won’t get better.

  8. Rough Puglet

    this isn’t a good dating site. it’s full of scam artists and at least they’re easy to pick out, that’s the only good thing about it

  9. for dating i can’t think this is the best site but i am hoping that liketocheat turns out to at least be a decent, fun site

  10. Glen Sanforth

    sites like this are always a miss. they’re obviously full of scammers from the start and they just don’t give a crap about it. pass on it.

  11. this site needs a bad review or twenty. is a big miss and it doesnt matter. they are scammers so get away from it

  12. no site comes close in comparison to how bad this one is. it’s just bad and really full of gross ugly women that won’t talk

  13. Cockroach Angry

    scam scam scam and they don’t seem to give a dang. it’s full of scammers and they just let them populate the whole site

  14. i’m not sure about like to cheat. i hope that it’s legit but it’s hard to get any of the women to chat with me thus far

  15. Leonard Dickinson

    there isn’t anything good to say here. this site is a really big mess, full of private investigators and then some. pass on it.

  16. spend your money anywhere except on this affair site. like to cheat is not good and it makes no attempt to be!

  17. if you were looking for a good rating you wouldn’t be here. this site is a hot mess and it won’t get you laid at all

  18. Wolverine Flying

    for a dating site to be this bad is really not good. it’s a detriment to the community and i wish it would be taken down.

  19. i really wanted to like for dating but it’s just slow so far. i wish these gorgeous ladies would actually talk.

  20. Harlan Larson

    when i see sites like this all i can do is gag. they dont’ do anything for you and you are literally throwing your money away

  21. the only review this site deserves is a bad one. like to cheat misses on every point and you won’t get anything out of it

  22. good luck trying to find a comparison to a site this awful. it’s full of fakes and scammers and the women aren’t even hot

  23. Liquid Angel

    it’s definitely a scam, that’s the thing. you can see that from a mile away. that’s the only saving grace this site gives you!

  24. whether it’s legit or not i’m not sure. either way isn’t the best site but it seems like it might be kind of fun

  25. Kenny Agg

    i can’t believe anyone would think this site is good. it’s just not and it makes no attempt to be. pass on this one for sure.

  26. if you are looking for a good affair site this just isn’t it. you won’t get laid on liketocheat at all. it’s a hot mess of nothing

  27. oh goodie more sites with fake profiles. 0 out of 10 rating immediately for this one, you won’t get a single date on here

  28. Running Burst

    the women on this dating site are all fakes. and it’s obvious! at least it has that going in its favor if nothing else

  29. the only dating website i’ve tried so far is like to cheat and it seems like it could be fun but it’s slow going as of yet

  30. Gayle Stafford

    when i see sites like this i already know they’re going to be awful. it just makes absolutely no attempt to get you laid

  31. Fransisca

    like to cheat deserves a bad review. it does nothing that i want it to do or that i’m paying it to do for that matter!

  32. few sites come close to how bad this one is…there’s just no comparison when you think about it. it misses on all marks.

  33. Circus Panda

    definitely a scam. it doesn’t even try to hide that fact and it just goes out of its way to scam even more money out of you!

  34. i’m not sure if liketocheat is legit or not. i hope it is but who knows. it at least has some hot ladies to try and talk to

  35. Lorenzo Isemann

    i can’t imagine anyone thinking this site is GOOD. it’s really not and it just drives me insane for the most part

  36. if you think this affair site is going to actually help you have an affair, then you need to rethink that. like to cheat is awful!

  37. the only rating i can give this one is an F-. it doesn’t do anything but help you get scammed out of a lot of money.

  38. The Salamander

    the worst dating site i have used so far. you won’t get laid on here, you’ll just end up missing a lot of cash.

  39. i’m not sure about how like to cheat works with dating. it seems a lot more about sex and i guess that’s fine

  40. Mickey Quirin

    sites like this just make me angry. it’s not going to get you laid, it’s just going to get you scammed.

  41. good luck with this one. it deserves an awful review for a reason. like to cheat doesn’t help you get laid, it just scams money out of your pocket

  42. there are few sites that are this bad and i really can’t think of another comparison except to a load of crap

  43. Homeless Electron

    good luck lmfao this site is a giant scam and it doesn’t bother hiding it. that’s the only saving grace you will get out of this site!

  44. i’m not entirely sure that like to cheat is legit??? that being said there are some hot women on here and i really wish they would talk to me

  45. Theodore Linton

    nothing good to say. i think this site is just the worst of the worst and you won’t get laid at all so take that and run with it

  46. don’t use this affair site. like to cheat isn’t going to help you have an affair at all, the profiles are all fake and there are scammers everywhere

  47. if you enjoy private investigators breathing down your neck then this is the site for you. 0 out of 10 rating because of that!

  48. Fast Lone Eaglet

    an awful excuse for a dating site. i won’t ever use it. the women on here aren’t real and you can tell with a glance.

  49. i wish that this site was better for dating but it has been slow for me so far. i hope like to cheat gets better.

  50. Jasper Gearhart

    when i use sites like this i ask for very little but unfortunately this site gives me even less. a total waste of my time.


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