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While it's got the right name, LonelyHouseWives comes off as creepy, sad, and more than a little desperate.

We’re not saying that there are NO lonely housewives who sit around thinking about how much they really want to hook up with guys.

We’re just saying that if it DOES happen, it sure as hell doesn’t happen on a crappy, creepy website like

This site thinks it has a niche, and wants to let you know all about it. In fact, it seems to think that no one is going to question the fact that these women are all apparently gathering on one website where they can scope out dudes who are horny for some married lady action.

married dating scam alert image

Hey, we understand. If we didn’t want to hook up with married women, we wouldn’t have been doing a LonelyHouseWives review in the first place, now would we?

None of that is the problem. The problem is that the site totally doesn’t deliver on anything it promises. This site says it’ll hook you up with some hot lonely and desperate housewives, but it doesn’t make any guarantees, and for good reason-the website is terrible!

This site will not get you laid.

image for lonely housewives

With that said, let’s take a closer look at, and see why we’re avoiding it at all costs.

Now, we’re not one to judge most books by their covers. We rate girls as 1-10, sure, but that’s just a sort of general guide. We know that not all guys are into the same kinds of girls, and it seems pretty dumb to tell you that all the girls on a site are a certain way when some of you might be into it.

The women on this site are reaching the top of cougar range.

Seriously, these are some DESPERATE housewives. They were probably hooking up as married women when we were still playing Oregon Trail in green and black.

We’re talking that these women are fast approaching the top end of cougar and fast entering “GILF” territory, and that, friends, is somewhere we have never wanted to go.

We’re desperate to avoid these housewives, though that didn’t wind up being much of a problem. The women on this site are NOT excited to meet up in person. Test Results: What We Learned After Trying For Married Dating

During our time on, we sent out 450 emails. That’s one per day, for five different guys, in five different cities, for a period of three months during our LonelyHouseWives review.

We only got nine back.

While that is disappointing, we will say that we DID get many women emailing us out of the blue, which was really exciting at first! That can definitely make up for the fact that these women were not responding to our emails for whatever dumb reason.

Unfortunately, we realized pretty quickly that the women who were emailing us were only doing it because that made them feel edgy-and that emailing us was as crazy and kinky as they were EVER likely to get.

They were not there for sex.

The women on this site aren’t going there to hook up with guys, which is what you’d THINK women would go to a hookup website for married women to do. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to agree, and they made that very clear to us over the period of our time on

Some of them were there to feel sexy by sending emails, and some of them were willing to exchange a few flirty texts, but that’s it. We were so bummed that the website that had started out so well had turned out so CRAPPY, and hadn’t made it up to us at all.

The women on are not looking to get laid. If you are, you’ll be very disappointed.

Is A Scam, Or Just Not Worth It?

The people behind seem to think that you’re immediately going to jump in to texting strange women as soon as you meet them.

While we’re not that dumb (wow, there are guys who give their phone numbers out over the Internet? That sounds…unsafe), we’re also just not sure why they would think this was a good idea. Identity theft is definitely a thing. Even if it weren’t, this is a site for MARRIED DATING.

Everyone on this site, theoretically, has something to hide. Keeping it off of easily-accessible items like, oh, we don’t know, CELL PHONES, is one of the first steps to having a successful affair.

There’s just something weird about the way operates that makes us think it’s out to get us caught. Hell, a few of the women we talked to on this stupid broken website flat-out told us that they found the idea of getting caught to be really arousing.

That’s fine and all, but we’re NOT into getting caught, and if we’re messing around with a married woman who gets found out, that puts us in a pretty awkward position.

However, we didn’t have to deal with that, because we wound up messing around with no one at all on So will you, if you don’t follow our advice and you actually buy a membership to this train wreck of a website.

Don’t do it.

Don’t give these people any of your money. They don’t deserve it, and they haven’t created a good product for it.

Should You Use For Married Dating? Review Conclusion

Please don’t bother making a profile on That’s just an exercise in futility, and you’ll NEVER get anything good out of it. You won’t get laid, you won’t have fun, and you won’t get those hours of your life back when you’re done.

Instead, why not spend your time and money on a BETTER website, like That will get you laid without a problem.

50 Responses to “Review of Why We Didn’t Rank As One Of Our Top Married Dating Sites”

  1. lonelyhousewives just misses the mark in so many different ways. that’s why i had to leave a bad review; it’s just not good

  2. good luck trying to find a comparison to a site this bad… it’s just a big mess and you won’t get laid on here at all

  3. Stray Massive Bull

    definitely a scam. all the women on this site are as fake as anything and you DEFINTIELY won’t see anyone real running around

  4. is a site that i’m a little hesitant about, i’m not sure if it’s legit or not, pass on it unless you have some time

  5. Colton Laborde

    this site is NOT good. you won’t get laid on here and you won’t get anything out of it except a lot of disappointment

  6. for an affair site i can’t imagine myself ever getting an affair on here. lonely house wives is just a mess of fake profiles

  7. if you are looking to give a site a good rating it’s not going to happen over here. there’s nothing good about this site at all

  8. the only dating that will happen on this dating site is with your hand. seriously it’s just bad, fakes and lots of scammers!

  9. there isn’t much going on with this dating website but i am hoping that will change. lonelyhousewives seems like a fun site, it just hasn’t delivered yet

  10. Jewel Shupe

    sites like this usually are disappointing and this is no exception. pass on this one and you will be a lot happier about your wallet

  11. if you are looking for a good site this isn’t it. lonely house wives deserves the bad review that it gets from me in spades

  12. there are few sites as bad as this one. it has no comparison as far as i’m concerned. all the fake profiles make that very clear.

  13. Runny Horse

    i think this is one is a big scam. it doesn’t do anything for me and just ends up making things difficult along the line with all the scammers

  14. i am not entirely sure that lonely house wives is legit and that is disappointing to me. i hope that it steps it up in the future

  15. Aldo David

    nothing good to see here. pass on this site unless you have a lot of money to throw away at scambots

  16. i was really disappointed by this affair site. lonely house wives seems like it would be a really good time but it just isn’t. pass on this one.

  17. 0 out of 10 rating. i can’t imagine anyone wanting to use this site because of all the scammers on it. it just is so obviously full of fakes.

  18. you won’t find a single real person on this dating site. it’s just bad. the women on here are all fake and scammers at that

  19. for dating i think there are a few better sites out there than but i was hoping to try it anyway, it seems fun

  20. Erich Snyder

    i hate sites like this. they are all misses for me, no exceptions, there is nothing on here that makes me want to keep coming back for more

  21. the only review i can give this one is a big gross out nope nope nope. lonely house wives is just skeezy. ugly women and fakes abound

  22. few sites are good comparison to this one. it’s just bad. the women on here are alll fake so you definitely won’t get laid

  23. Rough Puglet

    definitely a scam…there just isn’t anyone real on this entire site, you will probably get a private investigator all up in your grill

  24. Terrence

    i was really hoping that would be legit but so far it’s just been slow going and questionable. hopefully that will change.

  25. Napoleon Reed

    not much to say about this site. i don’t think it’s very good so far and that is disappointing to me. hopefully that will change as time goes on but i doub tit

  26. if you are looking for an actual affair site that will get you laid don’t sign up here. lonely house wives is a big mess

  27. there’s nothing good about this site and so it gets an F rating from me. i will never use it again. it’s just a mess of fake profiles

  28. Turtle Chicken

    the only part about this site is that it’s just gross. it’s not a good dating site at all because there’s no dating going on

  29. fake profiles abound but i think this has some real women so i might try and use lonely house wives for dating later

  30. Michal Goldvogel

    not sure about sites like this. they are so hit and miss… unfortunately this is a bigggg miss. i won’t be back to try using this one again

  31. the only review i can offer to lonely house wives is a bad one. it’s just not good. the women on here are all fake and it isn’t worth anything to me

  32. i can’t imagine thinking of a comparison to a site this bad. it’s a miss for me in basically every regard so don’t even try it

  33. Mysterious Panther

    definitely a scam. you won’t get laid on here. the women are all fake profiles and it’s just a bunch of scammers on here

  34. if you like dating this site might work for you but i’m still worried that lonely house wives isn’t legit. it’s just been slow for me.

  35. Louis Siegrist

    i can’t think of ONE good thing to say about this site and that’s just said. good luck trying to make this one work for you.

  36. this affair site is just covered in private investigators. there’s no chance to get laid on lonely house wives when you’re always paranoid

  37. it’s just a bad site. you won’t expect a good rating from this one because it just misses every single mark…it’s really not good

  38. Hilarious Beaver

    good luck using this as a dating site. the women on here aren’t real at all and there’s no chance you will ever get to talk to any of them

  39. it’s just kind of hit and miss so far. i think lonely house wives has the potential to be great for dating but for me it’s just not good yet

  40. Tyler Pycroft

    hate sites like this. they’re the reason why it’s so hard to find a good affair online. unfortunately it’s impossible to get it taken down!

  41. scammers everywhere and so i just had to leave a review. lonely house wives misses the mark in every single way including being scammers.

  42. few sites come close in comparison to how bad this site is. it’s just a mess that steals money straight from your wallet

  43. Tiny Hammer

    it’s a big scam and they don’t even care. they won’t give you your money back and you definitely won’t get laid eitehr

  44. is kind of questionable but i do hope it’s legit. the women on here are hot and seem like they’d be fun

  45. Brandon Carr

    i try to think of something good about this site and i just can’t. it’s not good at all. i really won’t use it again any time or in the near future

  46. for an affair site to be this bad is kind of deplorable. you won’t get laid on lonely house wives because there definitely AREN’T any wives on here

  47. if you are looking for a site to get laid on this one isn’t it. there’s a reason why i have to give it an F rating. it’s the worst that i’ve ever used

  48. Eaglet Gruesome

    really not good for a dating site. i cant get a single woman on here to talk to me, let alone go out with me so screw that!

  49. i haven’t had much luck on lonelyhousewives for dating so far. i hope that will change, the women are lovely and seem like fun

  50. Orville Field

    not impressed by sites like this. i think they could be managed so much better but they just aren’t. pass on this one and find another one


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