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The disturbingly generic name is only the beginning. This site is a certified scam.

We said in our guide to playing it cool around a married woman that women don’t respond to a guy if he’s anxious.

Well, unfortunately, makes us anxious-although that’s not why we didn’t do too well on this site. We didn’t do too well because of something a lot worse than a lack of women, unfortunately

married dating scam alert image is a SCAM.

This site has been the focus of many investigations by both the authorities and investigative journalism, which has shone light on this site for the general public’s perusal.

Call us crazy, but we don’t want the general public seeing the place we go to get laid in secret!

Besides being one of the most well-known (and therefore obvious) sites for getting an affair, was this a good one? Let’s take a look at the data and our experience and see how it panned out.

There’s something you need to know about that’s more important than anything else you’ll read in this MaritalAffair review: is CHOCK FULL of PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS looking for new targets.

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There’s a very old scam that con men used to run a lot, especially when the stigma of adultery was even worse than it is now. It was called the Badger Game, and it goes like this:

1. A woman seduces a man.
2. She leads him somewhere incriminating.
3. When things are getting hot and heavy, someone else bursts in.
4. The new guy claims to be her husband, brother, father, etc.
5. They blackmail the poor stiff who’s caught with his pants down.

This is called the Badger Game for some reason, and some version of it has been going on for hundreds of years.

Now, there are lots of versions of this game. Unfortunately, the Internet has made it much easier for guys to pull this game off, for two main reasons, which are:

First: There is now a record of everything.

In olden days, you pretty much had to rely on guys being afraid of rumors flying about them. After all, it’s not like you could put up photos of them cheating or anything.

Today, however, you can Instagram a photo of a cheating dude before he can get home to his wife. Worse, you can tag him on Facebook if you want, and everyone will know within minutes.

A con man can also show a transcript of a cheating husband and his mistress flirting online, too. That brings us to the second reason the Internet has made blackmail easier:

Second: You never know a pretty woman is who she says she is in her profile.

Do you know how hard it is to find a photo of a pretty woman online? That’s how hard it is for a private investigator to find one online and claim to be that woman trying to seduce you.

All we’re saying is that is FULL of private investigators, most of whom are con artists playing the Badger Game. Take care of yourself, and always make sure to be on your guard against someone trying to take advantage of you. Test Results: What We Learned After Trying For Married Dating

We sent out 450 emails during our time on That’s five guys, sending out one email every day, in five different cities, over the course of three months.

We got 76 emails back. It’s not GREAT, and it’s certainly not as good as our favorite site, (where we got back 371 emails), but it’s not as bad as some others.

We made a date with one girl, but she never showed up. At least, we HOPE she never showed up. We played it pretty cool, and when we saw that her chair was empty we pretended we were just passing by. No reason to get caught by a private investigator because we wanted to get laid!

Is A Scam, Or Just Not Worth It?

Look, we don’t know if these guys are mostly out to catch women or men, but you should take private investigators seriously. They ran an expose on a couple years ago in England, and a bunch of guys got divorced and fired because of their involvement in those extramarital affairs. You do NOT want to be that guy!

However, if you’re thinking of taking up a career in extortion, is apparently a pretty decent place to start your life of crime. God knows we contacted the staff time and time again when obvious private investigators contacted us, and they never did anything about it.

Seriously, when someone contacts you out of the blue on a married dating site and asks for proof that you are who you say you are AND proof that you’re married, don’t walk the other way.


Should You Use For Married Dating? Review Conclusion

Getting off on the thrill of getting caught is one thing, and it’s why sex in glass elevators is awesome.

However, you don’t want to get caught with your pants down on a site like This place is just sad, because there’s no way you’ll make it through your time here without being contacted by a private investigator. Hell, we’re not actually sure we met ANY real women on this site. Yeah, we saw pictures, but for all we know, they could all have been private investigators out looking for blackmail material.

If you want an awesome site where you can meet hot married ladies and NOT worry about getting caught by extortionists, try out It’s our number one pick for a married dating site for a reason, and that reason is that there are just the MOST women there who are waiting for a guy to fulfill their fantasies.

30 Responses to “Review of Why We Didn’t Rank As One Of Our Top Married Dating Sites”

  1. there’s very little about this site to like. if you are actually looking for a site that will get you laid, avoid marital affair and read another review

  2. hard to find a comparison to a site that’s this bad. stay the heck away from this one; they just steal your money and give you no ladies

  3. this is a definite scam. can’t find a single woman on this site that is actually real and that’s pretty disappointing, what a waste

  4. this site isn’t legit at all. it should be pretty obvious too so keep that in mind when you are signing up for marital affair

  5. Keith Cason

    i can’t find anything good to say about this site. give it a pass and you will be a lot happier, it just doesn’t work for me

  6. nothing about this affair site is actually going to get you an affair. don’t bother with if you want to save money

  7. this site REALLY deserves an awful rating…i just can’t believe anyone would take it seriously, it’s obvious a giant hot mess

  8. if you are trying to use this as a dating site you will be sorely disappointed. there are NOT real women on here, just fakes

  9. this site is not good for dating. marital affair is mostly hit or miss for me, but at least the women are kind of okay

  10. Beau Pirl

    sites like this are a real hub for private investigators. stay away from this one if you actually don’t want to get caught

  11. is very not discreet and very unsafe. the only review i can give it is a big fat bad one so take it

  12. in comparison, i have ALWAYS gotten responses on other sites but not this one. what a shame, this is just a mess

  13. The Lightning Stormy Bandit

    definitely a scam. it’s full of fakes everywhere and the fake pics are pretty obvious. at least they’re kind of hot sometimes!

  14. the only legit thing on this site is the fact there are PIs lol if you look around them maybe marital affair will be able to work

  15. Lorenzo Mull

    can’t say anything good about this site. it’s a giant mess, you won’t get laid, it’s not safe and it’s full of fakes everywhere, waste of money

  16. if you are looking for a good affair site this is not the one. run screaming away from marital affair if you know what’s good for you.

  17. this site really deserves a bad rating. 0 out of 10 for me, i can’t believe it’s still functional and stealing people’s money

  18. the only thing i can say about this as a dating site is NOPE. it doesn’t work, the women aren’t even real on this site!

  19. i’m not sure about for just dating. the women on here seem a lot more geared towards sex than anything else

  20. Derrick Paynter

    it’s full of private investigators and sites like this are why you should be incredibly careful about trying to have an affair online.

  21. look out for this site because it’s really scary. that’s why i had to leave a review on it; will really mess you up if you aren’t careful about using it

  22. the only comparison to this site is to one that is just covered in crap. the fake profiles are crap, the site itself is crap, and you will not get laid either

  23. Deserted Warehouse

    it’s definitely a scam. not much to it; it’s just one big scam that will not get you laid but instead have money stolen from you

  24. it’s not really legit i think. i was hoping marital affair would be better but honestly it has missed the mark for me so far

  25. Ricky Mitchell

    not good. there’s nothing on this site that is really and that’s why i am just going to cut my losses and leave right now

  26. fake profiles everywhere. that’s all this affair site is. you won’t get laid, you might even end up caught by the private investigators

  27. for me this site really is the worst of the worst. it deserves a super low rating and i can’t believe people continue to use it anyway

  28. Over Find

    the only dating site that i have ever just quit using is this one. sure the fake pics are hot but you won’t care when you run into a PI on here

  29. falls pretty flat for dating for me. i don’t think martial affair is the best site out there but some of the girls are hot so i will keep at it

  30. Mariano Haverrman

    i think sites like this need to just be taken down. there’s nothing nice to say about this one, so i’ll just leave it as it is


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