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MarriedCafe's site is simply broken, to the point where you aren't sure if you're clicking on the right button anymore. is one of the most BROKEN, sad websites we’ve ever seen for dating married people.

Hell, it’s one of the saddest websites we’ve ever seen period, and we’ve seen kind of a lot of Russian porn.

Annoyingly, it’s hard to even talk about, because the site is completely broken. You might get it on a good week, but don’t think for a minute that this good week will last.

married dating scam alert image

We also couldn’t find a single date on here, which is one of the biggest things condemning this website to website hell, as far as we’re concerned. We’re pretty freaking good at getting laid, so any website that can’t keep up with our natural charm and charisma (not to mention our guides and tactics to dating married women) is in serious need of a rehaul.

So, why do we just HATE for married dating? Let’s take a closer look with our MarriedCafe review.

We’ve been looking around married dating sites for a pretty long time, and very little phases us anymore. For example, when we don’t get dates on a married dating site, we kind of take it in stride.

front page of married cafe

Yes, it’s annoying, but we’re used to scam sites and spam sites, and sites that get taken down when the authorities realize they’re just crappy ports of another, also bad website.

But one thing we can’t STAND is when a website is truly broken.

This website is truly broken.

You will not be able to read your emails, more than likely. You might not be able to log in without the site trying to take you somewhere else. You might click on links, only to find out that they weren’t the links or buttons you were trying to click on.

This kind of thing TERRIFIES us.

A website that can’t keep itself safe is a dating website we don’t want to be on. Hell, we’re giving out sensitive information on these sites, and so are the women we’re here trying to meet.

We especially hate the idea of giving our credit card information to a site that continually crashes, since that just sounds like a recipe for DISASTER. We were pretty worried when it came time to purchase memberships on, not going to lie.

What we did to keep ourselves safe was to load up the exact amount we were planning to pay onto a prepaid card, and then use that to pay for our memberships. It worked…sort of.

The site tried to charge us twice.

Fortunately, we didn’t have any other money on that card, so they had to give up. Too bad for them! We’ve been around the block too many times to trust crappy, creepy websites like Test Results: What We Learned After Trying For Married Dating

During our time on, we sent out emails to 450 women. We were already pretty sure that the site was a scam, but we just wanted to be fair to the other websites on our list. After all, if we didn’t have math to back us up, you might think we were making up how truly terrible a time we had on this awful website.

In answer to those 450 emails, we only got 25 back!

That’s a pretty bad percentage, compared to the 371 we got back on Then again, asking to compare with a great site like is just kind of unfair.

A much WORSE percentage is zero.

As in, that’s the percentage of emails we sent that got us a date-because zero is also the number of dates we got. This site never got us laid, and it never even got us a single date in the entire time we were on it, doing our best with our married dating tactics.

Is A Scam, Or Just Not Worth It?

Calling this website “MarriedCafe” is a terrible comparison. At a caf, you get something (food and coffee) in exchange for money.

This is more like MarriedWaste. You won’t get anything in exchange for throwing out your money, except a heaping pile of resentment.

Honestly, we’re not sure what they’re going for with the whole “caf” thing, except maybe saying that it’s a place people can hang out and meet? That’s a TERRIBLE allusion, and we’ll tell you why: doesn’t have any of those features!

Many good websites, like and, have a bunch of fun chat rooms enabled. They have voice chat, video chat, and text chat where you can hang out with and get to know other people who are in committed relationships. doesn’t have that. You can send other users messages, if they’re part of the same membership level that you’re in, but that’s literally it. You can’t really interact with people in any other way, because there just aren’t that many features!

Then again, maybe they were just broken the entire time we were writing our MarriedCafe review. Given how broken the rest of the site was, we wouldn’t even be surprised.

Should You Use For Married Dating? Review Conclusion is an insult to marriage and to cafes.

You should absolutely avoid this site if you’re looking to have an affair. It isn’t going to help you meet anyone interesting, and you’ll just be throwing away your money like good after bad. There are no interesting women on here that you can meet, because there aren’t any women who are stupid enough to sit in a site like this hoping they’ll meet a dude.

Instead of, check out That’s an excellent site that always has a lot of women ready to meet guys, married or not-and you’ll never have to worry about the site crashing, because we used it for MONTHS without an incident!

50 Responses to “Review of Why We Didn’t Rank As One Of Our Top Married Dating Sites”

  1. what cafe is this one? is it the one full of fakes? if so we’ve come to the right place. married cafe needs a bad review because it sucks!

  2. there’s no comparison to how bad this site is. it just makes me angry because it scams a lot of people out of money

  3. Vicious Moon

    nothing but a scam. it’s pretty obvious at least but that doesn’t make me any happier to have fallen for it!

  4. not sure if this site is legit or not but it still isn’t very good. i can’t think of a lot of things about married cafe that impress me

  5. not good. i will not be back here after realizing it’s a scam, it’s just full of fake profiles and private investigators

  6. this is DEFINITELY a bad affair site. there’s nothing really redeemable about married cafe, it’s mostly a waste of my time and money

  7. the only rating i can give this one is a big fat 0. it’s just that bad. the women on here don’t really exist and you won’t get laid

  8. you can’t have a dating site without dating but apparently that is what this site seems to think it can do. pass!

  9. not really my favorite for dating, i think married cafe has a lot of issues and i won’t stick around for much longer

  10. i can’t stand sites like this. they are obviously just here to steal your money, it’s a total waste and definitely not my favorite

  11. nothing about this site speaks of having a good review, married cafe doesn’t deserve anything except to be shut down, stay away from this one

  12. in comparison to every other site i have always gotten messages, on this one it’s just empty, a waste of money for sure

  13. Stormy King

    this is really a big scam. you won’t get laid on here, let alone actually meet anyone. pass on this site and spend money on a site with real girls

  14. i’m really wondering if this site is legit or not. i wish that married cafe was because it looks like fun but i’m skeptical as of yet

  15. Ronny Faqua

    i don’t really see anything good about this site to comment on. it’s a waste of my time and money and i will not be back

  16. a really bad example of an affair site. i can’t believe that married cafe is still in business, it’s just a hot mess of everything

  17. nothing deserves a worse rating than this site. i will NOT be using it again in the future, it is just full of scam artists and fakes

  18. this is a pretty bad excuse for a dating site… can’t imagine anyone would ever get to meet women on here when they’re all a bunch of fakes

  19. i was really hoping that married cafe would be a good site for dating but it doesn’t do much for me so far. what a shame!

  20. Deangelo Baughman

    when i look at sites like this i usually just want to throw myself out of a window. it’s an obvious scam. run screaming from it!

  21. the only review i can give this site is one that bashes it and it DESERVES IT. pass on married cafe while you still can.

  22. spend your money anywhere else but here. there’s no comparison to how bad this is. it’s just a hot mess and full of PIs.

  23. Cute Doe

    when i look at this site i can immediately tell that it’s a scam. don’t spend your money on a site that is just out to steal your cash

  24. is not really legit but i do enjoy some of the women i have met on here, you just have to pick and choose carefully

  25. Donny Hozier

    i can’t imagine much good ever coming from this site, it’s just a mess of fake profiles and private investigators, really not good

  26. the only affair site that i can see ever really stealing your money is married cafe. it’s just not good. don’t give them your credit card.

  27. this site gets an awful rating from me because it honestly goes out of its way to steal from you. it’s a mess and one that will really mess you up

  28. Stud Dangerous

    NOT a good dating site. i won’t use it after realizing it’s a scam. the pics are hot but they’re all fake profiles anyway so what’s the point?

  29. married cafe is a dating website that i wish was good but it just isn’t. what a shame. i love the women on here but they won’t talk to me!

  30. Gaston Overstreet

    i wish all sites like this would get shut down already. they are only out for stealing a lot of money from you at all costs

  31. married cafe is a site that needs a bad review for sure. it’s just not good.. you won’t get laid on here at all

  32. if you want to think of a comparison just think of a porta potty. that’s what it resembles. it’s that crappy. pass on this site

  33. Forgotten White Sound

    DEFINITELY a scam. it’s obvious from one glance so don’t let it suck you in. you won’t get laid on here because there aren’t any real women

  34. a lot of people say married cafe is legit but i’m not sure. i haven’t had any luck on here so far, and i have found a few fakes

  35. i don’t think this site is good. it’s hard to think of anything good about it to be honest and i am not sure i will be back ever again

  36. one of the worst affair sites i have ever seen. i can’t believe is still up and running because it really does steal a lot of moeny

  37. the only rating this site deserves is an F. it just steals so much money from people and really ruins their budget

  38. Pilot Strange

    a BAD dating site. i can’t believe it’s still here. i wish that people would stay away from this site and keep it from ruining more people’s lives

  39. you will get some dating on this site i guess but i don’t think married cafe is that great. i just wish that the women would talk to me more

  40. if you are looking at sites like this don’t settle for this one. it’s just bad. you won’t get laid on here for sure none of the women are real

  41. the only review this site deserves is a bad one. it’s BAD. married cafe scams you and steals all your money in a heartbeat

  42. there are few sites as bad as this one. i can’t even THINK of a comparison. just don’t give them your money and you’ll be fine

  43. Furious Warrior

    definitely a scam. not worth your time and not even full of that many hot pics so it’s hardly worth a single dime

  44. for me i was really hoping it would be legit but now i’m not sure. married cafe has some fun features but it just doesn’t seem to deliver

  45. Gerard Kimple

    not good…i can’t think of anyone that has ever gotten a date on here. what a waste of time and effort on my part

  46. married cafe just flops as an affair site, plain and simple. i won’t be back on it again in the future because it doesn’t work

  47. F- rating. i can’t believe it’s still functioning and up lmfao it just sits around stealing money all day how do people not see that

  48. Temporary Essential Scissors

    i’m NOT impressed by this dating site. it doesn’t do anything that it says it will and you WILL NOT meet women on here

  49. i wish that i could actually have some actual dating happen on married cafe but it’s been quiet so far. i will keep at it.

  50. Dominique Wyatt

    sites like this are bad, plain and simple. you will not get laid on here because it’s full of nothing but fakes and private investigators.


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