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This site comes across as boring and lazy. They reuse profile pics in their own site, a clear scam sign. is empty, bare-bones, and overpriced.

We could seriously end this review right here, but we have made a commitment to making sure you guys don’t fall victim to bad dating websites, and we take that seriously. In fact, we take it more seriously than takes their customer service, and they actually get PAID.

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We had an awful time on this terrible and broken website during our MarriedSecrets review. If this review inspires just a few people to stay away from, we’ll know that we did our jobs, and that it was worth the annoyance.

So, why are we SO against this website? Are there reasons? Do we just have a hate-on for this site for no reason? Let’s take a closer look at this awful site and find out.

We could have yawned our way comfortably through the entire three months we spent on This site had pretty much no women on it. In fact, the vast majority of the profiles were obviously fake, and had no real women behind them.

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It’s not that hard to spot a fake profile.

A lot of sites use fake profiles and think that guys won’t notice them. is just a LAZY site, and they take the same photos and profiles and use them over and over.

Basically, if you’re in L.A. and your friend is in Seattle, you’ll both be seeing the same exact profiles…with a note that says the girl is less than 20 miles from your house.

Yeah, that means it’s a scam.

We don’t like the way does business, but what does that have to do with whether or not the site is good for meeting some hot married women?

Well, we didn’t really meet any hot married women on this site. We had TERRIBLE luck, and we’re kind of shocked that a site like this has ANY good reviews.

Another thing you’re going to have to deal with is the fact that there are WAY more men on this site than women, and that’s even including all the fake female profiles.

Maybe they just got bored with uploading all those fake photos. We sure as hell got bored with looking at them! Test Results: What We Learned After Trying For Married Dating

Our time writing our MarriedSecrets review was obnoxious as hell. If you’re wondering if MarriedSecrets is good or bad, our review should clear that up nicely when you look at the actual results we got from trying to get dates on this crappy website.

First, we sent out 450 emails. This is our usual practice, since it enables us to see exactly what kind of progress we’re making (for more on this and other tricks to see how well you’re doing, check out our guide to making the most of your married dating experience).

On, we only got back a very sad 32 emails. That’s a TINY percentage!

Just compare that to our response rate on, our FAVORITE site for meeting married women online. On that site, we got back over 80 percent of the emails we sent, with 371 responses to the same amount of emails that we sent on!

That’s one more reason this site is a scam. offers nothing for the money. This site is just there to take your (lots of) money and pretend they’re doing you a service.

We didn’t set up a single date, and we didn’t get laid ONCE. That’s not down to us, either! We can get laid anywhere there are legitimate women to hook up with. That just isn’t We’re not sure a single person can get laid in an empty room, unless it’s with their own hand.

Is A Scam, Or Just Not Worth It?

There’s an old joke about two women complaining about the food while they’re on a cruise. One says, “The food here is just AWFUL.” The other one answers, “I know, and such small portions!”

That’s basically “ doesn’t let us meet any women!” “I know, and it’s overpriced!”

Why would you care how expensive a site is when it’s not going to make a difference? Zero women is zero women, whether you pay $2 to meet them or’s exorbitant price of $60.

That being said, we feel bad as hell for guys who get suckered into paying for this website. These guys probably came to the site not sure if it was legit or not, and wound up paying top dollar for one of the crappiest, emptiest sites that exists today. proving that you don’t always get what you pay for, even if you’re paying a LOT.

Seriously, there are some sites that can charge a lot and get away with it. comes to mind. That site is definitely on the pricey end of payment, but it makes up for it by, we don’t know, being an awesome website that offers a lot of great features for the money.

Also, we MET women on, which is why it’s in the Top 3 Websites even though it’s expensive, and is nowhere near that list.

Should You Use For Married Dating? Review Conclusion is a terrible website, and the designers and creators should feel ashamed of themselves for making it. This site is just fake profile after fake profile, with no effort given to making the site easy or fun to use. Men are VASTLY outnumbered by women, which makes it one of the worst places to meet women outside of a bachelor party.

Scratch that, at least at a bachelor party you can meet strippers. At least PARTS of them are real. Just skip this whole site and check out, which has real women on every page.

50 Responses to “Review of Why We Didn’t Rank As One Of Our Top Married Dating Sites”

  1. if you want to leave a review on married secrets make sure it’s a bad one. the only secret here is that it’s a hot mess

  2. nothing worth seeing here. in comparison every other site has always gotten me more ladies. this one gets me nothing, pass on it

  3. Sleepy Puppy

    it’s definitely a scam. there aren’t any women on here worth talking to and it’s just a total waste of your time. spend your money somewhere else


  5. Ezra Coughenour

    it’s not good. there isn’t anything about it that’s good and you should keep that in mind when you are using this particular site

  6. the women on this affair site are ALL fake. there isn’t a single real woman on married secrets and that’s the point. it’s just a hot mess

  7. this site is really bad. give it a bad rating and move on, it’s not worth your time or money to keep sitting on this website

  8. Cow Forsaken

    NOT a good dating site. mostly it will just steal your money. only sit on this one if you really like looking at hot chicks

  9. one of the weirdest dating sites i’ve used i’m not sure that married secrets is really good at all. i may pass on this one

  10. Forest Rummel

    i’m not sure about sites like this. i want them to burn mostly but a quick death would be fine too LOL it’s just bad guys

  11. can’t wait to give this one a bad review. married secrets is one of the worst, fake profiles everywhere, not discreet at all

  12. good chance you will get caught on this site in comparison to a lot of others. don’t spend your money here if you value it

  13. Ventostring

    i’m almost certain this one is a scam. it’s just full of fake profiles and a lot of private investigators. take your money elsewhere

  14. i was hoping that married secrets is legit but now i’m not sure. it just doesn’t work for me for the most part which is a shame

  15. Herbert Gearhart

    this site is NOT good. don’t waste your money on a site that just falls flat in every aspect, it isn’t worth it

  16. not a good site and one that won’t help you at all. married secrets is just a bad affair site and always will be

  17. few sites get a rating this bad from me but this one deserves it. if you want to actually get laid this is not the site for you

  18. The Reborn Queen

    THE WORST DATING SITE i have ever used. just nothing but fake profiles. at least they’re hot but that’s all it has going for it

  19. i’m not sure that this site works so well for dating. married secrets seems ok and a lot of fun at times but it’s hard to get them to talk to me

  20. Brock Millhouse

    i wish all sites like this would get taken down. it’s just not worth anything to see all these women and not be able to talk to them

  21. Maragaret

    married secrets needs a bad review or 500 of them really. it’s not good. the women are fake and they AREN’T going to talk to you

  22. Roderick

    no comparison to this craphole. it’s just bad. the women are fake, there are private investigators everywhere, and you WILL get caught

  23. Furious Warrior

    don’t expect anything from this scam. it’s just a bunch of fakes upon fakes and you are throwing your money away at nothing

  24. i’m not sure if this is legit or not. i wish that married secrets was but it just flops for me so far, i’m not sure if i will stick around

  25. Edgar Stone

    i wish this site was actually good but it really isn’t. if it can’t do anything for you then why are you even bothering with this site

  26. look for another affair site if you want a good experience. married secrets isn’t going to give you one at all with all its fakes

  27. this site needs a bad rating. it just deserves it. there’s NOTHING good about this site and nothing that will get you laid

  28. Eastern Hurricane

    don’t expect to have much happen on this dating site… if you can even call it that. there’s no dating, just scamming going on

  29. married secrets seems like a nice place to do some dating but it’s pretty slow for me so far. i wish it wasn’t but oh well

  30. Dario Sell

    sites like this are so hit and miss but this one is a TOTAL miss. not a single woman on here talks to me. i think it’s just a big scam.

  31. the only review i can leave married secrets is one that tells about how bad it is. you won’t get laid on here. you’ll just end up scammed

  32. in comparison to every other site i’ve used, i can’t get a single woman on here to talk to me. that’s how i know it’s a scam.

  33. Nervous Notorious

    DEFINITELY a scam site. don’t spend your money here on all these fake profiles. they aren’t worth it at all when they’re obviously not real

  34. not really sure if it’s legit or not? i’m hoping that married secrets is but it just doesn’t seem to be so far and i wish i hadn’t paid

  35. Landon Lauffer

    it’s just not good. you won’t get laid on here and you won’t meet any women. don’t waste your time or money on this place

  36. one of the worst affair sites i’ve ever used. married secrets doesn’t do a good job of anything and you won’t get laid on it

  37. can’t believe this site doesn’t have a worse rating because it deserves it. the women on here are fake, the site is just awful

  38. Francois Ravenblack

    this is NOT my favorite dating site. you won’t get laid on here because there is nothing but fake profiles up in here

  39. for dating i think it could really be done better but i am still holding out that married secrets will actually do a good job somewhere along the line

  40. Dorian Martin

    sites like this are just headache inducing. spend your time and cash somewhere else if you want to actually get laid

  41. i can’t believe more people haven’t left a bad review on married secrets. it’s the worst of the worst and i will never be back

  42. you aren’t going to have an affair on this site. for comparison every other site has always made it happen for me. not this one!

  43. Breeze Itchy

    i am pretty sure it’s just a big fat scam. you can’t get laid on a site like this when there are nothing but fake profiles

  44. not sure if it’s legit or not. i wish married secrets was but all the fake profiles makes me worry that i’ve spent money on nothing

  45. Chet Richards

    NOT GOOD. you won’t get laid on here and you won’t be able to meet a single woman. you’ll just be lucky if you dont get caught

  46. this is a good example of what NOT to do on an affair site. run away from married secrets screaming if you knwo what’s good

  47. 0 out of 10 rating for me. i can’t believe it’s still up and running, it deserves to be shut down immediately, just get rid of it

  48. it’s a bad dating site is the thing. you can’t meet women to have an affair with if they aren’t real. don’t spend your cash here

  49. i am not sure if i can use this for dating very effectively. everything just seems to move kind of slowly on married secrets

  50. when i think about sites like this i just want to scream. they are all so obviously fakes. run away from this one if you can.


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