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An affairs site should make you feel excited, maybe a little thrilled. This one starts with a downer about hurting people's feelings.

Sometimes, you can judge a book by it’s cover.

Basically, everything you need to know about the way works is in the name: it is unoriginal, it’s unimaginative, it’s boring, and it totally turns us off.

Most of the “features” on this site are about as awesome as the name of this site, and we’re just annoyed that ANYONE thinks this is a good site where they can start an affair. We’d like to get people to STOP using, and hopefully this review will do the trick.

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So, why are we fed up with before we even start? Let’s take a closer look about everything this site does wrong.

There’s nothing of worth on We kind of expected that from the first moment we signed on and saw just how little effort had been put into this website.

However, what we didn’t expect was for the site to be so GLOOMY.

For some reason, a huge point of is trying to get you to not have affairs.

We know, it sounds crazy!

main hover image for the affair site

Most people skip the small text at the bottom of the landing page of any webpage they go to. We don’t. We know that what a company puts on the landing page is important, because it tells a lot about the image the company wants to convey, even if they don’t do it right.

For some inexplicable reason, at the bottom of the first page of, there’s a whole paragraph talking about how affairs can really hurt people’s feelings, and talking about how they’re always sympathetic toward people who have been hurt by affairs in an emotional way.


Maybe we’re the idiots here, but we come to affair sites to HAVE FUN and HOOK UP. We definitely don’t come to get a lecture from the people we’re paying to get us an affair!

Not only is this just a terrible way to do business, it’s really irresponsible and kind of gross. Any website that can honestly say that they want to help guys and girls find affairs and then turn around and tell them how bad they are for considering it must be stopped.

That’s not the only place.

In case you think it’s just on the landing page, think again! Little bits about how affairs are wrong and disrespectful and bring shame and pain to everyone involved are hidden all over They’re on the F.A.Q., in the terms of service, and even in the guide to “How to have an affair!”

We’re not sure what they’re trying to pull, but it weirds us out and makes us uncomfortable. Test Results: What We Learned After Trying For Married Dating

During our TheAffairSite review, we sent emails to 450 women-or at least, we tried to.

We certainly sent out 450 emails, but there’s very little indication that they actually got to the people we tried to send them to. We also got NO unsolicited emails of any kind.

Usually on a good site, like, we get well over 50 percent of our emails back. On that site we actually got back over 80 percent, or 371 emails total.

On, we got back FIVE.

Not fifty, not a hundred and five, but just five. Out of 450.

Basically, isn’t worth our time, and it’s not worth yours. You won’t get laid any more than we did, and you’ll wind up just as frustrated and totally angry.

Is A Scam, Or Just Not Worth It?

If you’re not totally put off by the idea of being a member of a place called, how about by seeing it show up on your credit card statement every month?

This is one of those awful sites that utilizes recurring billing. That means that even if you tell them not to, will keep taking money out of your account until they get a “formal request” to stop-and even then, they’re definitely going to keep doing it until you force them to take you seriously somehow.

For us, we had to file chargebacks on our credit cards. The site would not admit that they hadn’t gotten our emails, no matter how many times we sent them through the website.

And here’s another thing: if the billing charges show up as on your statement, you are NOT safe.

We’re lucky that no one saw that, because we use separate credit cards for all of our affair-related purchasing. If we had used our joint bank account for the purchase, we’d have been in so much hot water with our wives that it would have basically been a Jacuzzi. is not to be trusted with your information or your money. To be perfectly honest, they just don’t know what they’re doing, and it’s pretty obvious that they’re messing everything up.

Should You Use For Married Dating? Review Conclusion

If this site can be obvious about what it is, then so can we. This is TheSiteYouShouldn’

Seriously, there’s nothing of any value on Our review was an exhaustive one, and it left us feeling annoyed and furious by turns that the site even exists, much less that it flourishes because horny guys keep giving them money to continue.

If you want to try out a GOOD married dating site, check out That site IS secure, unlike, and they can guarantee that you’ll find a hot hookup.

50 Responses to “Review of Why We Didn’t Rank As One Of Our Top Married Dating Sites”

  1. if you want discreet then the affair site isn’t it. that’s why i had to leave a review. you will get caught if you end up using this site.

  2. there are few sites out there that are this bad. it’s hard to think of a comparison to be honest. this site just will rip you off!

  3. definitely a scam. this one isn’t good at all because of all the fake profiles. crawling with private investigators as well.

  4. i really hope that is legit but i don’t think it is. the women on here are lovely but it’s impossible to get them to talk

  5. Vaughn Ironmonger

    if you like spam mail then hop aboard. otherwise this site isn’t good and you won’t get anything out of it. pass on it.

  6. spend your money anywhere else. this affair site is just bad. won’t get you in anyone’s bed! it’s a waste of money.

  7. definitely not worth a single good rating. i can’t believe it’s still up and operational after how obvious of a scam that it is.

  8. Dirty Rockstar

    the women on this dating site are ALL fake. they’re obvious about it and don’t care. you’re getting ripped off in plain daylight.

  9. i hope that the affair site is good for dating but so far i haven’t had much of a result. maybe that will change as time goes on.

  10. Alfonso Reddish

    hate sites like this. i won’t be back to try using it again because it honestly is just a waste of my time and effort

  11. the only review i can give is a big fat nope. it’s not discreet nor subtle and it’s honestly a mess

  12. if you want a comparison think about jumping into a pool of hot lava. it’s just as enjoyable as logging onto this website

  13. Left-handed Trustee

    this is definitely a scam. the women here are all fake and they won’t return your e-mails BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT REAL AT ALL

  14. i wish i could find a legit website and i hope that the affair site is it but i’m not sure as of yet. the women just won’t respond to messages

  15. Darrin Smith

    nothing good to say here. this site is a mess of fake profiles and it does absolutely nothing to help you have an actual affair

  16. when it comes to the affair site, there is just nothing going on that makes me want to stick around. seriously pass on

  17. nothing but a bad rating from me. when it comes to a site filled with fake profiles, can you really be surprised? save your money!

  18. Lucky Lama

    this can’t even be called a dating site. you will more likely be to talk to a private investigator on here than you will any woman

  19. i was hoping to find a good site for dating but i’m not convinced that is that just yet. i’m just holding out that it changes.

  20. Milton Swartzbaugh

    i will never use sites like this again. at least, i won’t use the really obvious fake ones. this one ruined me for a lot of things.

  21. pretty deserving of a crappy review if you ask me. the only women i have found on this site are just fakes. pass on theaffairsite!

  22. few sites are this bad. there’s not a single comparison i can think of to be honest. you won’t get laid on here at all.

  23. Mink Circus

    definitely a SCAM. you will not be able to miss it. all the profiles are fake and the women change locations daily.

  24. i was hoping that would be legit but now i’m not sure. the women are hot at least but they wont’ talk to me.

  25. Jan Taylor

    nothing good to say. it’s unfortunate but this site has really just fallen down a black pit. don’t’ spend your money on a scam.

  26. good luck making this one work for you. is NOT a good affair site. you won’t get laid on here at all so don’t bother.

  27. the only rating this site deserves is a 0. it’s just awful and full of so many fakes that i can’t even count them. if you want to get laid, don’t spend time here

  28. Toughsillight

    definitely fails as a dating site. the women on here just aren’t hot and you won’t get to talk to them anyway because most of them are fakes

  29. seems like it could be great for dating but it just seems to keep missing the mark. i’ll keep trying to make it work but so far it hasn’t

  30. Robt Seidner

    hate sites like this and will not be using it again. it’s all a big miss for me and just none of the women are real at all

  31. deserving of an awful review. theaffairsite is not good for affairs at all and you won’t get laid amongst all of these fakes

  32. no comparison to the number of fake profiles that i’ve seen here, it’s just a hot mess and full of gross scammers

  33. Strong Queen

    i hope you like a good scam because that’s all you will get if you sign up for this site. fake profiles and messages abounding!

  34. i wish this site were legit. i have met a few real women on the affair site but i’m not sure that’s enough to make me keep sticking around

  35. Oscar Davis

    it’s just not a good site is the thing. the women on this one don’t really talk and it’s pretty disappointing with that in mind

  36. you’re paying for an affair site that just steals your money. that’s the affair site. that’s it. you won’t get anything else out of it.

  37. the only rating this site gets is an F. it fails in every regard and i will never use it again after sitting on here and having cash stolen

  38. Donkey Dreaded

    not good as a dating site. it misses on about ten levels and that’s just really disappointing after all the money i spent

  39. i’m not sure about theaffairsite for just dating. it seems to be a little more sexualized which isn’t entirely my thing so who knows

  40. Jerry Foster

    sites like this are always hit and miss but this is the biggest miss so far. don’t spend your money on a site that just flops and fails

  41. it’s barely even worth a review! the affair site misses in every regard and i can’t imagine it ever working for anyone

  42. it’s hard to figure out a comparison for a site that is honestly just awful. i will never use it again, the women on it aren’t real at all

  43. Walker Blackbeard

    definitely a scam site and you will be able to tell with just a glance. pass on it and move on to a site that actually delivers

  44. you are paying a lot of money so let’s hope it is legit. the affair site is a fun site but i’m not sure it really works for me so far

  45. Tory Swarner

    it’s not good. that’s the long and short of it. it doesn’t get better and there are so many private investigators on here that it’s scary

  46. i have never had any luck on it claims to be one of the best affair sites out there but it just isn’t!

  47. the only rating it gets from me is a 0. it’s just bad. the women on here are all fake profiles stolen from other sites!

  48. flops as a dating site in every regard. i can’t ever get a woman on here to talk to me and that’s no surprise as they are all fake

  49. for dating i think there are better sites. that being said the affair site has some fun features it’s just not the best.

  50. Arron Whittier

    i wish i could throw all sites like this off a cliff to be honest. it just doesn’t work and there’s nothing bout it that ever will


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