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A lack of experience and focus makes this site feel like it's just trying too hard. Not worth your time or your money. is a site that we almost feel sorry for.

The people who run this site obviously have no idea what they’re doing. The site is so poorly-run it feels like no one is in charge at all, which may or may not account for some of the frankly loony things we’ve found on their pages in the print.

For example, they post (without any source) that “54 percent of women put on their sexiest lingerie to chat with guys online.”

married dating scam alert image

We have actually run that choice tidbit by a bunch of actual women (which you may recognize as an actual method of researching), and they laughed in our faces at the idea.

That’s just one example of the kind of weird crap will just say out of the blue. There’s a LOT more reasons that is NOT worth your time or your money.

So, let’s dive in to these reasons with our picks for the WORST married dating site of them all,, and see what makes it a terrible place to spend your time and money.

We’re not lying when we say that it feels like no one is actually in charge of

up for it main image

This site is full of scam artists. We can’t say that it’s actually some sort of UpForIt scam, because it’s not like all the profiles are fake, or anything. At least, we don’t think they are.

It seems a lot more like this is a place where scam artists can come and practice their trade, and no one is going to give them crap about it. We ran into all KINDS of scam artists here, which was a total bummer given how promising the site looked at first.

For one thing, this site is one of the most empty ones we’ve seen-that is, of actual real women and their profiles. The profiles that we saw were active for the most part, which is a REALLY unusual thing when you’re evaluating dating websites.

Unfortunately, the profiles were active, but the people behind them weren’t looking to hook up. They were looking to do lots of other things, usually with our money, but hooking up was definitely not among the list of approved activities by these girls.

Basically, we met three kinds of girls on escorts, wounded doves, and private investigators.


The escorts were the easiest to spot, because they at least are up front about their trade. We didn’t even have to email them. They contacted us first, asking if we were up for a wild time, and making it very clear that they would expect payment for said wild time. No thanks, we can get laid plenty without having to pay for it.

Wounded Doves:

This is a very particular kind of scam. No, it’s not like the Badger Scam-that one’s more common with P.I.s. The Wounded Dove is a girl who says she’s really into hooking up with you, and she really likes you, but she’s in a really tough spot in life right now and you’ll have to send her some money if you want to hook up. NEVER send a girl money before you meet her in person, or she’ll immediately disappear.

Private Investigators: was CRAWLING with these. They were obviously on the lookout for someone to finger, and not in any way we might find kind of exciting after having way too much to drink. They follow guys around and pretend to be girls, until the guy says something incriminating-at which time they either blackmail him for information or they sell it to the guy’s wife, depending on where the private investigator thinks he can make more money. Test Results: What We Learned After Trying For Married Dating

During our time on, we sent out messages to 450 girls. There are five of us guys, and we sent an email every day to one girl, for a period of three months.

We only got back 22 emails. That’s only about five percent, which is…extremely disappointing, to say the least. We were expecting at least twice that, which is what we usually get on crappy sites that aren’t complete scams.

We didn’t get a single date, and we didn’t hook up even once-no, we didn’t hook up with any escorts. If we want that, there are plenty of cheaper places to-

….Uh, we mean, we didn’t want that.

Is A Scam, Or Just Not Worth It? is the kind of site that just isn’t trying at all.

This site is basically the equivalent of a sandbox world in a video game RPG, where you can run around and do stuff and no one will exactly stop you, but you’re never advancing the story.

Unfortunately, it’s a sandbox world for everyone else too, and they’re usually playing against you.

Worth mentioning is the fact that is not your typical married dating site. In fact, it’s actually just a hookup site that a lot of people try out regardless of whether they’re married or not. So in the first place, you’re going to need to be careful and choosy if you’re looking for a hot married babe!

If that’s not your cup of tea, this isn’t the site for you. But then again, this isn’t the site for you unless you’re a private investigator, a hooker, or some sad sack who wants to scam dudes out of their money.

Should You Use For Married Dating? Review Conclusion

Don’t waste your time or money on The site looks nice, and it’s obviously trying, but it’s just not delivering the goods that it’s supposed to for the money it charges. We’d like to think that it might be a good site one day, but there’s little hope when it started like this and looks like it’s just going to get even worse.

Instead, try one of the websites on our Top 3 List, like,, and They’re actually legitimate websites that can get you a hot date with a married woman whenever you want one, even if it’s tonight!

50 Responses to “Review of Why We Didn’t Rank As One Of Our Top Married Dating Sites”

  1. is really not a good site. i can’t leave anything close to a good review on it, it’s just a giant scam for everyone

  2. if you are looking for a comparison, just think of crap. that’s all this site. it’s a huge scam and you might even get a virus on it.

  3. Yellow Ranger

    DEFINITELY a scam. there’s nothing redeemable about a site that just scams you all the time. really bad and fake profiles everywhere.

  4. it’s not exactly the most legit looking site but i am holding out that up for it is something entertaining to do on the weekends lmfao

  5. i’m not sure that anything about this site is good. it’s really bad with all of its fake profiles and the uptime for the site is also horrible

  6. this is a bad affair site. it will not only scam you but will also give you a virus. just watch the heck out on here

  7. 0 out of 10 rating. it’s full of viruses and full of scam artists and you just won’t get laid. take your money elsewhere for sure

  8. this is one of the worst dating sites i have ever used. it’s full of fakes and you definitely won’t get laid. a total waste of money and time

  9. if you like dating then use this site only if you’re ok with waiting. upforit just seems to take a long time to get rolling or so i’ve seen

  10. Jackson Mcclymonds

    sites like this aren’t good. i’m not impressed with it at all and i will not be back to use it again in the future either

  11. the only review i can give upforit is a giant NOPE. it’s not good and you won’t get laid, it’s nothing but fakes all over

  12. there are few sites that are as bad as this one so it’s hard to think of a comparison. just don’t use it. don’t spend your money here.

  13. Angry Prince

    a pretty obvious scam. at least it has that in its favor, you don’t have to spend a lot of time wondering bout it when you use it

  14. i’m not sure if is legit or not but i am giving it a try because it looks like fun. it may or may not work in my favor

  15. Garry Vinsant

    if you think this site is good YOU ARE WRONG. there’s nothing about it that should keep you coming back to take your money and go somewhere else

  16. a really bad affair site. upforit just doesn’t do anything but give you viruses. you will get caught if you use this website

  17. for me this site gets an F rating. it’s just bad. the women on here are scammers and will do anything to get more money from you

  18. Cutie Bunny

    a pretty awful example of a dating site. the only positive is that it’s really OBVIOUS that it’s fake and that’s all i can say

  19. Ezequiel

    i’m not sure that upforit is the best dating website i’ve used so far. i think it has potential but it just hasn’t provided for me

  20. Porter Foster

    i think sites like this need to be taken down immediately. there is nothing about this site that screams KEEP USING ME

  21. definitely needs a bad review. needs to be taken down, the only thing you will get here is a virus, not a date

  22. Wilfredo

    in comparison every other site has always gotten me laid. i can’t imagine this site as ever getting someone a date in the future

  23. Move Lamfan

    definitely a scam…this site falls short in so many ways but it’s also just obviously full of fake profiles so what even is the point of it

  24. i can’t tell if up for it is legit or not. i sure hope it is but right now i’m just a little skeptical about all of it, so we’ll see

  25. Saul Nicola

    not much about this site is good at all. i think that it would be better off shut down and everyone refunded to be honest

  26. for an affair site it just misses every single mark. do not use upforit unless you enjoy having your money scammed out of your pocket

  27. really really bad. F- rating through and through and not even worth a second glance so take your money and run from it

  28. Wolverine Grim

    i have used a lot of different dating sites and this one is one of the worst. just pass on it and spend your money on a site that’s good

  29. Nickolas

    fake profiles but i think it has some potential for dating. seems like it could really be fun you just have to pick and choose

  30. Adalberto Peters

    i will never use sites like this again. it just misses the mark entirely for me and i’m not impressed by it at all. take your money elsewhere

  31. faaakes and that’s why i had to leave a review. you will get SCAMMED on so watch out and don’t stay long

  32. there are few sites as bad as this one and the only comparison i can think of is to dunk yourself in a load of crap. don’t do it!

  33. Der Hamster

    definitely a scam site. there isn’t much going on on here except for all the fakes running around, you will not get laid

  34. i was wondering if is legit or not and i’m still not sure. the women are hot but they dont’ answer my messages very often

  35. Justin Isaman

    nothing good to see here. it’s just fake profiles and a lot of scammers so take your cash and go to another site soon

  36. REALLY REALLY not a good affair site. you won’t get laid on, you’ll just end up with a virus or a scammer

  37. if you want to get found out and caught by your wife then go to this site. that’s why it gets such a bad rating. it’s not discreet at all.

  38. Rapid Stoned Reindeer

    pretty bad example of a dating site. there’s nothing going on here that will get you laid. the profile pics aren’t even that hot.

  39. i think for dating this site kind of misses the mark? i’m not sure about other parts of up for it but it just hasn’t worked so far

  40. Chang Ullman

    hate sites like this. you won’t get laid you’ll just have money stolen and that’s the absolute worse. big pass on this one

  41. deserves a really bad review. it’s not good, steals your money, and just scams you out of everything. you also might get a virus.

  42. few sites come as bad as this one. there isn’t much of a comparison when you keep that in mind and you shouldn’t spend money here

  43. don’t fuel this scam. it’s bad and the women aren’t real. you won’t get an affair on here so why would you even bother sticking around

  44. is a site that i’m not really sure about. i hope that it’s legit but i’m not convinced yet so we’ll see how it all goes

  45. NOT good. there isn’t much going on when it comes to this site and so i will be taking my money and time to another one

  46. i was looking for a good affair site and this one just fell through. misses every mark and i’m never happy with it

  47. if you want a site with a bad rating then hop aboard. this is really bad. the women are all fake profiles and there are scammers everywhere

  48. Drill Intense

    a bad dating site for sure. you won’t get a date on here, you’ll just end up with a virus, which isn’t fun for anyone involved

  49. i’m not convinced that upforit is a good dating website, it just seems to be a little sloppy and slow for my case, but we will see

  50. Wally Aultman

    when it comes to sites like this they are so often scams that i’m not surprised anymore. pass on this one if you have the chance


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