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Doesn't do what it claims to do. VictoriaMilan is a blatant rip-off of a much better site.

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We wasted our time with this site. But these married dating sites were well worth the efforts. is a blatant rip-off site that doesn’t do ANY of the things it claims to be able to do.

In fact, we’re pretty sure that the entire point of the site is just to hoodwink people who have heard of and have accidently come to the wrong site. swoops in, poaches the customer, and leaves them thinking that for a premiere site, there’s nothing very good about this

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Now, we’d like to think there’s no way people could confuse the two, but we’ve seen enough infomercials to know that giving the human race credit for anything is a fool’s errand, and we know firsthand that when you’re horny, there’s little thought going on.

VictoriaMilan is not AshleyMadison, and never will be.

If you’re hoping for similar results, you’re not going to get them. The only thing these two websites have in common is

30 Responses to “Review of Why We Didn’t Rank As One Of Our Top Married Dating Sites”

  1. among the worst sites i have ever used. there is no chance for a positive review about victoria milan, it’s FULL of fakes

  2. maybe in a few years this won’t be so bad but right now there’s no comparison. it’s empty and full of fake profiles everywhere

  3. pass on this scam of a site if you actually want to have an affair. everything about this site is bad, it’s full of private investigators

  4. i’m not sure if victoria milan is legit or not but i wish it was. it just doesn’t work for me right now though because all the women won’t answer me

  5. Barry Zoucks

    this is NOT a good site. there’s nothing good about it when it’s full of fakes and just asking to take your money for absolutely nothing in return

  6. if you want a good affair site then this ISN’T it. victoria milan is a giant scam and full of fake profiles that are just trying to steal more money

  7. the only rating this site deserves is an F. it’s really bad because it’s just fake profile after fake profile and they are just looking to scam you

  8. Toughsillight

    nothing good about this. you can’t even call it a dating site when you aren’t getting a date. pass and find another site that’s better

  9. victoria milan is one of the worst dating websites i have ever seen, do not spend money on it. the women are gorgeous but i can’t get it to work!

  10. Bennett Dickinson

    when i see sites like this i immediately just have to sigh. there’s nothing about them that is good and i can’t get women on here

  11. victoria milan needs a bad review so people understand how scary it is. seriously pass on this one and spend your money somewhere else

  12. very few sites are as bad as this in comparison. i’ve never been able to get anyone to talk to me on this website!

  13. Eastern Postal

    definitely a scam. what a shame, the women are hot, but they are all fake profiles and that’s not worth any kind of money

  14. not sure if this is legit or not. i wish it was, the women on are hot but they just won’t answer any of my messages

  15. Augustus Johnston

    this site ISN’T good. stop using this one if you want to actually ever get laid by anyone at all, this site won’t make it happen

  16. one of the worst examples of an affair site that i have ever seen. stay the heck away from victoria milan and all its fakes

  17. the only rating i can give this site is 0 out of 10. it’s that bad. full of fakes and private investigators so you definitely won’t get laid

  18. Kit Endless

    the worst dating site i have used so far. you just won’t meet women on here, it’s a real hot mess, not worth a single bit of money

  19. victoria milan is not my favorite for dating but i am hoping it will pick up in the future. the women are gorgeous and that’s worth a lot

  20. Henry Kifer

    sites like this are usually pretty hit and miss and this one is a total miss. don’t spend your money on this site if you want to get laid

  21. can’t stand this one and that’s why gets a bad review. wish it would get taken down already it isn’t worth anything

  22. in comparison to every other site this one is really bad and falls super flat. total mess of a site if you actually want an affair

  23. Hungry Eagle

    definitely a scam. don’t spend money on a site that just steals your money and runs with it for absolutely nothing

  24. i can’t figure out if victoriamilan is legit or not but i certainly haven’t had much of a result on here yet, too bad bc the women are hot

  25. Anibal Fields

    it’s just not a good site. there’s nothing about it that is good and you won’t get laid so there’s no real point to using it

  26. the only affair site that has ever stolen money from me is this one. don’t use victoria milan if you want to really get laid

  27. can’t imagine this one ever making an affair work. it deserves the worst rating for how bad and how slow that it actually gets anything done

  28. The Albatross

    NOT a good dating site. i won’t be using it again when all it ever does is still a bunch of money from people and show them fakes

  29. Margarito

    victoria milan probably could be good for dating but it just doesn’t work overall. nothing nice to see here and i won’t be back

  30. Olin Pickering

    when i see sites like this i usually want to throw them off a cliff lol it deserves it because it’s just nothing but PIs and fakes


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