Why Women Read Romance Novels

“She wants to feel sexy” Romance novels are one of the most baffling things that exist to most guys, and for good reason. The covers alone tell most guys everything they need to know. They’re ridiculous, and they always look pretty much the same, with some dude with weird hair standing on the cover with a bare-ass chest and huge muscles clutching a woman who acts like she can’t stand up on her own. So why the hell do women read these brainless things? They can’t think that they’re GOOD-we know too many smart women to think that they’d really be taken in by something like that. We’ve all read about the crap they put out in stuff like “50 Shades of Gray,” and how they have all these creepy weird lines about inner goddesses and puckered love caves. Why do women like this trash? They Like to Feel Sexy Quite simply, romance novels make women feel sexy. Any woman who’s not currently experiencing a whirlwind romance likes to think of the feeling of that first moment in a relationship-but like with every kind of entertainment, it has to be MORE somehow. You wouldn’t like porn with real life-sized junk and unshaved models as much as you do the stuff…

How to Know if You’re Flirting With a Crazy Person Online

We’ve all heard the stories about people who were doing great in life until they found some lunatic online who made their life a living hell-or ended it. While most of the Internet is pretty safe for guys who are looking to hook up, there are still some profiles on dating sites that should raise eyebrows. There are definitely some warning signs that a girl isn’t all right in the head, and you should learn to spot them before contacting her back. Her profile says “No Crazy Guys!” There’s something like a self-fulfilling prophecy when it comes to spotting some loony tunes online. You have to actually know what you’re looking for, or these girls can sneak up out of nowhere. As terrifying as that sounds, there are some clear indicators that the girl you’re going after is Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. One of them is saying “No Crazy Guys!” somewhere in her online profile. She doesn’t actually mean “crazy.” We use that word when we mean “someone is doing something I don’t understand.” If this girl thinks she needs to screen for that right away, it means that she hasn’t been able to understand most of the guys she’s dated, which is bad news for you. She Puts Her…

Foods to Avoid on a First Date

“These food items will keep your good-night kisses at bay” All the best first dates involve some kind of food or drink. Flavor stimulates the palate, which is a great way to encourage the rest of the body’s systems to kick into gear. Food can be a powerful aphrodisiac because it involves making everything just plain feel good, and introducing physical pleasure early in the evening makes everything go better the whole night through. However, not every story has a happy ending. There are some foods that you should ALWAYS avoid if you’re going to be attempting to hook up with a date later, whether you met her on a dating site or in person. These foods will ruin your night for one reason or another, and you don’t want to be stuck going home alone just because you made the wrong choice on the menu. After all, it can’t be that hard to avoid: Garlic & Onions This is the mack daddy of things that you want to avoid eating on a first date. Even if you don’t think your breath will stink, your breath will stink. It’s extremely important that if you want to get laid, you make yourself sexy to the girl you’re going out with. That…


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