How To Get Her To Wear Lingerie

Maybe you just went shopping at Victoria’s Secret and are ready to shower your new married lady with your huge haul of sexy panties. Surprise, surprise, maybe she doesn’t want to wear all of that fancy, skimpy underwear! There are a lot of reasons that a woman might not want to wear lingerie, but there are even more ways to convince her that it’s a great idea and that she’ll look great in it. Try these few little tips to get her into it, and you will have her looking gorgeous in your bed in no time at all. Tell Her You’ll Wear It, Too A lot of women are into cross-dressing, believe it or not. They want to see a man in panties and thigh highs as much as you want to see a lady in them! We’re not saying that every woman is like this, but if she is, there’s a good chance she’s going to think this is a very, very fair trade. Even if she isn’t into it, offering to do it might take some of the tension out of the room and make her laugh. If you have her laughing, there’s a good chance that she will just give in and wear the stuff for…

How To Get Her Pets To Like You

It always is kind of a bummer if you head over to your girl’s house and her dog ends up barking the whole time. It’s even worse still is her cats end up scratching you when you try to pet them, because that just gives the impression that no animals like you. There’s something to be said about animals being a judge of character, but hey, she doesn’t need to know that. If you follow a few simple tips, there’s a good chance that her critters will like you well enough, and she won’t be suspicious about you coming back over to her place in the future. Let Them Come To You, Not You To Them Pets are weird creatures. A lot of times, it’s the cats that are the nuttiest and not too into strangers in general. If you really want her animals to like you, then sit quietly and wait for them to approach you before you run over and try to touch them. It’s pretty off-putting for people if you’re too affectionate with them, isn’t it? Animals are the exact same way, and you wouldn’t go chasing after a woman to pet her hair, so don’t do it with critters, either. If that still doesn’t work, then…

Great Road Trips for You And Your Girl

Road trips are one of the best times you can have with your woman, whether she’s a scintillating affair or she’s the girl next door made good. If you’re thinking that a little taste of the open road is just what the relationship doctor ordered, check out our recommendations for the BEST road trips you can hit. There’s one for every length, and in each corner of the continental U.S. Short (1-3 hours): North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway “Take her to this beautiful place” If you’re all about natural beauty, check out this scenic section of the best the South has to offer. If you want to see mountains, ridges, and stunning foliage, there’s no better place than the Blue Ridge Parkway. It has walking, hiking trails, biking trails, and beautiful places for you to park your car. Medium (5-10 hours): Pacific Coast Highway If you have a little more time, why not take your honey up or down the beautiful California coastline? See old growth redwood trees, the stunning Pacific Ocean, go through wine country, and enjoy the best of fruits and vegetables and white sandy beaches for as long as you want to take the road. The 101 might not be as fast as highway 5, but it…


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