Why Getting Her A Pet Is A Bad Idea

There are a lot of different presents you can get the hot lady you met on an online dating affair site. One of the worst options you can go for, however, is any kind of pet. It doesn’t matter how much she begs for that fluffy dog, it just isn’t a good idea on about a dozen levels! First of all, it definitely isn’t a discreet gift idea, and second of all, she may or may not realize exactly how much work goes into that pet. Pets aren’t ornaments and they don’t make good surprise gifts, either, so think twice (maybe three times) before you actually give in and buy her a pet as a present. They Are Living Things Pets are living, breathing things, and a lot of people seem to forget that. The fact of the matter is that a lot of people try and treat them as furniture, especially if they match it. That really doesn’t need to happen at all, because pets aren’t mean to be ornaments or decorations. If your girl wants a fluffy white dog to parade around and have people ooh and ahh over it, then she definitely doesn’t need it. Dogs are a lot of work, and they require a lot of…

What Her Nail Polish Color Says About Her

There are a lot of ladies out there that covet and enjoy collecting nail polish. Maybe they just dabble in it, or maybe they go out of their way for their first married dating hookup to put on their favorite color and look perfect from head to toe. Whatever it is that they enjoy, there is a lot you can figure out about the color of nail polish that she is wearing, and if you take the time to observe and comment on it, you might even get more of a story out of your woman about it (and her!). Red Nail Polish A lady in red is confident and feels sexy. Red is a classic color that a lot of women opt for in an evening out, because it makes them feel good, sensual, and seductive. Red is the color of sex to a lot of ladies, and it pairs well with that little black dress in spades. If you see a lady sporting a bold red polish, then you know she means business. There a lot of variations of this, but anything red, be it bold or sparkly, means that she’s out on the prowl! Orange Nail Polish Orange is a hard color to pull off for a…

Topics To Never Bring Up In The Bedroom

There are a few things you should never bring up when you’re starting to heat things up in the bedroom with the woman you’re dating. These things should be common sense, especially if you’ve been around the married and dating circuit more than once, but you’d be surprised how many dudes just don’t get it. Whatever the case, these are just the things you should outright avoid talking about when you’re trying to be sexy behind shut doors, so keep it in mind when the two of you finally get between the sheets to have some fun! Don’t Talk About Her Husband It doesn’t matter if they actually have a fun relationship or a good one. Don’t talk about him! The time that you have with her in the bedroom is time that is only supposed to be between the two of you. If you start asking her about her husband and how he does things in bed, you’re going to start pushing some buttons that really don’t need to be pushed. There’s a good chance that you’re just going to turn her off entirely, and the whole evening is going to be ruined in short order! Don’t talk about him, don’t mention him, and just avoid the topic of…

How to Know Your Blind Date Is Nuts

When you’re spending time getting with girls on dating websites, you’re occasionally going to turn up some duds. This is true whether you’re on a married dating website, a singles dating website, or even a sugar daddy website. Duds are fine, if boring. What everyone REALLY wants to avoid is the nutso chick who secretly has a cleaver in her bag. Fortunately, there are some ways to tell when a date isn’t going to go right, and you need to get yourself out of there quickly. Here are some of the ways that you can tell this girl isn’t worth any more of your time and sanity. She Makes Crude/Racist Jokes Right Away “You should not tell her an offensive joke in the first meeting” We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with crude humor. Some of the funniest jokes we’ve ever heard are jokes we’d be ashamed to tell in front of our mothers. However, there’s a time and a place for that kind of thing, and you have to be able to follow social cues. If the girl you’re meeting immediately goes for a really crude or racist joke, this is someone who either has never been around people much or just doesn’t listen to what they have to…


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