What a Woman’s Hobbies Say About Her Sex Life

Hobbies say a lot about us as people. They say what we value, what we find exciting, and what we’re not really that into. You might be surprised to find that a lot of women’s hobbies say a lot about their sex lives! By knowing what a woman is into in her spare time, you can figure out what you’re in for in YOUR spare time. Heck, this can even help you avoid a woman whose private life is a little less “interesting,” or one that’s too much for you to handle. Self-Care (Hygiene, Fashion, Etc.) “These girls respond very well to compliments about their style” Many girls are into self-care as a hobby. They like to wax and pluck everything, they’re always getting manicures and pedicures, they spend a lot of time at the spa, and they’re totally into the gym. These girls are usually pretty average-hot, and in general, very vanilla in bed. Even though you’d think a girl who spent that much time on herself would be a total freak, usually the opposite is true. Most women who do spend that much time on themselves are secretly worried that they’re not good enough and not pretty enough, and that can really make them anxious and not as…

Expensive Gifts That Won’t Get You Laid

There are a lot of presents you can throw at your woman once the two of you have met in person from an online dating and married site. That being said, not all of those expensive presents are actually going to get you laid! Bear in mind that not every lady wants something sparkly or flowery, and every lady’s taste is different, besides. If you really want to get her something that she’s going to love, talk to her before you go out and throw away thousands of dollars in cash on something she’s just going to throw out the window later that night! Really Pricey Jewelry A lot of ladies love to get expensive jewelry. A lot of times, though, they really don’t want it because it’s way too obvious of a gift! Expensive jewelry is not only hard to hide from their husbands, but it’s not exactly the most subtle of gifts. If you’re coming on too strong and throwing expensive gems her way right off the bat, she might feel a little freaked out threatened by your, uh, enthusiasm. Seriously, a first date or even a tenth date isn’t the time to give her a diamond ring. Honestly, this kind of thing is really not the sort…


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