Why “The Princess Bride” Will Get You Laid

“This movie makes every girl ready to jump into bed” There are some movies that are exciting, and girls like to grab your hand and sit on the edge of their seat. Some movies are scary, and they’re great for having your girl hide under your arm. Some movies are sad, and you’ll love the way your date cries into your shoulder or chest. And then there are some movies that are just GUARANTEED to get you laid. No, it’s not porn. It’s not even a sexy movie, but we’ve never talked to a guy that hasn’t gotten laid with this film. If you put this movie on and watch it with your girlfriend, whether she’s someone you’ve known forever or an affair you just met on a dating site, you WILL get laid. There’s something about “The Princess Bride” that just makes every girl ready to jump into bed, and even if we’re not sure why, we’re sure as hell going to take advantage of it! Every Girl Already Knows It One of the biggest problems about watching a movie with a girl on a date is that you and your date are focusing on what’s happening in the movie instead of paying attention to each other. We’ve yet…

How to Safely Hook Up if You Don’t Travel for Work

If you go to any married dating site or affair site online, they’ll tell you that the best place and time to hook up is on a business trip. It’s discreet, it’s easy, you don’t have to make up an alibi, and you’re guaranteed not to have to deal with this girl later. That’s all well and good, but what about those of us who don’t travel for business? Is there no safe way to hook up discreetly if you’re not some kind of international jetsetter? Fortunately, yes, there are ways to hook up safely even if you’re earthbound. Some of the best ways we’ve found are actually pretty simple. Date in the Next Town Over If you’re using a dating site, you can set your location filter to wherever you want. It doesn’t have to be the place you’re actually living. One way to be MUCH safer about your dating while married is by choosing the next town over to hook up in with your new lady friend. You run a much smaller risk of meeting anyone that you or she knows, and you’re don’t have to worry about ruining the haunt you take her to if the date doesn’t go well. Make sure you can afford the gas…

Fun Outdoor Dates

“Take your girl on the perfect picnic date” There’s a time and a place for a movie date, and a restaurant date, and a bar date. Those times are the first few dates, when you’re not sure whether the girl you’ve landed is up for more than that, or if she’s a very conventional girl. Once you’ve been out a few times, however, take this opportunity to get out into the fresh air with some even fresher date ideas. Some are classic, and some are a little more whimsical. A bit of walking gets your bodies moving, which is a great precursor to making sure the two of you wind up in bed later on. Even if that’s not the plan, going on an outdoor date can help you capture some magic of the first few dates that you’re going to be wanting to revisit for a long time in the future. The Classic Picnic There’s a reason most classics become classics. A picnic is a great idea for several reasons, and makes an awesome alternative to paying for someone else to cook you dinner. The first reason is that it’s a hell of a lot cheaper to make a couple sandwiches (or a chicken marsala if you’re feeling fancy)…


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