Why Handmade Gifts Are Better

“She appreciates your efforts” It often seems as if there are is no shortage of holidays for which gift giving is obnoxiously mandatory. While it can be fun to occasionally splurge on the woman you’re dating, it can also get old very quickly when you don’t know how to shop for her, what she wants, what she needs, and what she hates. If you’re having an affair, you have to be discreet yet sweet. If you’re hooking up, you have to make sure she knows you remembered her, but you won’t be expecting anything in return. The line can be very hard to straddle. Fortunately, giving a handmade gift is a quick and easy way to show your girl that you’re a keeper, and has some great benefits for you. It Shows You Care “The best way to make her feel special” The fact that you took the time to make her something says more than if you’d bought her something you can’t afford. Girls eat crap like that up. Even if it’s something bad, you at least put the time into it, and with the season of giving, it really is the thought that counts. No, seriously. Girls hate being the only ones that put effort and thought into…

Preventing A Jealous Ex

There’s always that one lady that you meet on an online married dating website that haunts you well after the fact. She’s that ex-girlfriend that you really don’t want to have looming in the background, so before she ends up being that, you need to figure out how to prevent it! There are a few ways to make your break-ups a lot smoother and make sure they don’t create jealous ex-girlfriends, and it doesn’t take rocket science to make it happen. With girls like this, you just have to break up with them delicately and amicably. Don’t be an asshole, and she won’t make your life a living hell long after the fact. Don’t Be a Douchebag It’s that simple. When you break up with this girl and move on to the next one, don’t be a douchebag about it. It doesn’t matter the reason for your break up–you don’t need to be a jerk about it no matter what. She’s still a human being, and unless she actually landed you in jail, there’s no reason for you to sling around rude words or generally be a jerk to her face. Don’t be that ex-boyfriend that goes around telling people about how your girlfriend is a skank and a slut.…

Fun Role Play Ideas for the Bedroom

Role play is one of the sexiest, most exciting things you can do with a partner. If you’re going to be seeing someone who’s experienced in bed, like if you’re fooling around with a married woman, just being together may be scintillating enough. But if you’re looking for a fun way to spice things up without risking something dumb like getting caught getting freaky in a public place, you may want to try role play. Remember, don’t worry if you two feel awkward or you laughingthe first time. Having costumes can help, and if you feel stupid, at least you were trying something fun. If you manage to get past the first time, you’ll probably enjoy it a lot more the second time and even more after that. Doctor/Nurse, Doctor/Patient, Nurse/Patient “The art of erotic role play” Who didn’t play doctor as a kid? Bring that excitement back (but of course, with adults). You don’t need a stethoscope for the game, although it can make things feel a lot more real. If your girl really likes getting dressed up and being harassed a bit by her boss, ask her to be your sexy nurse. Helloooo, nurse! If she’s more into being pampered and taken care of, she can be your…


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