Why She Doesn’t Want to Have Sex (Even If She’s Into You)

“She might be suffering from menstrual problems” We’ve all been there. Things are going great with a girl. It might be your first date, it might be your third, but you’re pretty sure that things are going amazing and you’re going to hook up. She even tells you that she’s into you. Then out of the blue, she tells you that she’s NOT planning on having sex with you tonight. Worse, maybe she lets you walk her home, then turns you away at the front door with no more than

Foods to Avoid on a First Date

“These food items will keep your good-night kisses at bay” All the best first dates involve some kind of food or drink. Flavor stimulates the palate, which is a great way to encourage the rest of the body’s systems to kick into gear. Food can be a powerful aphrodisiac because it involves making everything just plain feel good, and introducing physical pleasure early in the evening makes everything go better the whole night through. However, not every story has a happy ending. There are some foods that you should ALWAYS avoid if you’re going to be attempting to hook up with a date later, whether you met her on a dating site or in person. These foods will ruin your night for one reason or another, and you don’t want to be stuck going home alone just because you made the wrong choice on the menu. After all, it can’t be that hard to avoid: Garlic & Onions This is the mack daddy of things that you want to avoid eating on a first date. Even if you don’t think your breath will stink, your breath will stink. It’s extremely important that if you want to get laid, you make yourself sexy to the girl you’re going out with. That…

Best Places To Take Her Shopping

Not every woman wants to go to Macy’s on a shopping trip. Depending on the married woman that is on your arm, she might have some pretty distinct preferences that you don’t need to ignore. Just because she’s a hot sexy young thing doesn’t mean that she wants to shop at Forever 21, and just because she’s an older woman doesn’t mean she wants to go to Chico’s. There are a lot of great options out there that are a bit more unconventional about shopping dates, and the two of you can enjoy yourselves a lot more if you figure out what pertains to your actual interests. Knitting Or Fabric Stores A lot of women–and men–actually have knitting as a hobby, and taking her to a really nice knitting shop can really make her day. They’re actually pretty few and far between, so good luck finding one that will suit her tastes. If you’re not sure, you can always ask her if she’s ever been to the store that you’re eyeing. If she dismisses it with disdain, then don’t bother. If she seems excited, then take her to it. It might be a couple of hours away, but the two of you can make a day trip out of it.…


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