Make Your Boss Send You On Business Trips

Business trips are some of the best ways to get out of town and have affairs with some really hot, sexy ladies that you’ve be on online dating married sites. That being said, your job might not exactly be the kind of job that is made for going on business trips. If that’s the case, you need to convince your boss to start sending you out and making a name for you and the business. There are a few different ways to really make this happen, and you should go all-out in order to meet those women that you know are out there in other parts of the country! Do The Research Yourself If you show the initiative and go out of your way to find conventions or meetings that will benefit the business or your knowledge in the business, there’s a great chance your boss will be all over sending you out there to attend them. Go home and search the internet to see what’s in your area…and what’s pretty far out of your area, too. You can always start small and appreciate those days off with a light work load, or travel far and beyond in order to meet the woman of your dreams. Just make sure that…

Fun Outdoor Dates

“Take your girl on the perfect picnic date” There’s a time and a place for a movie date, and a restaurant date, and a bar date. Those times are the first few dates, when you’re not sure whether the girl you’ve landed is up for more than that, or if she’s a very conventional girl. Once you’ve been out a few times, however, take this opportunity to get out into the fresh air with some even fresher date ideas. Some are classic, and some are a little more whimsical. A bit of walking gets your bodies moving, which is a great precursor to making sure the two of you wind up in bed later on. Even if that’s not the plan, going on an outdoor date can help you capture some magic of the first few dates that you’re going to be wanting to revisit for a long time in the future. The Classic Picnic There’s a reason most classics become classics. A picnic is a great idea for several reasons, and makes an awesome alternative to paying for someone else to cook you dinner. The first reason is that it’s a hell of a lot cheaper to make a couple sandwiches (or a chicken marsala if you’re feeling fancy)…

Dealing With Your Affair on the Holidays

If you’re in the middle of an affair with a married woman, you’re going to have to deal with the holidays at some point or another. This isn’t just a matter of dealing with the guilt that comes along with the holidays. It goes much deeper than that, and can be a very big problem if you don’t handle it carefully. This can be an emotional time for everyone, especially for your lovely lady. If you want your relationship to survive the holidays, no matter which holiday it is, there are some things you need to take to heart. Be Respectful “She wants to spend some quality time with her family – Let her do that” Your woman will probably have plans with her family. Realize that right now, and make sure you’ve internalized it. Whether you’re a single guy who just likes dating married women or whether you’re also having a family plan, you ARE in a relationship with someone married, and that original family has to come first. After all, if you wanted to be her one and only, she wouldn’t be married to someone else. Make sure you’re not demanding that she take time away from her family to be with you. That’s immature, and it’s going…


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