Why Women Read Romance Novels

“She wants to feel sexy” Romance novels are one of the most baffling things that exist to most guys, and for good reason. The covers alone tell most guys everything they need to know. They’re ridiculous, and they always look pretty much the same, with some dude with weird hair standing on the cover with a bare-ass chest and huge muscles clutching a woman who acts like she can’t stand up on her own. So why the hell do women read these brainless things? They can’t think that they’re GOOD-we know too many smart women to think that they’d really be taken in by something like that. We’ve all read about the crap they put out in stuff like “50 Shades of Gray,” and how they have all these creepy weird lines about inner goddesses and puckered love caves. Why do women like this trash? They Like to Feel Sexy Quite simply, romance novels make women feel sexy. Any woman who’s not currently experiencing a whirlwind romance likes to think of the feeling of that first moment in a relationship-but like with every kind of entertainment, it has to be MORE somehow. You wouldn’t like porn with real life-sized junk and unshaved models as much as you do the stuff…

What NOT To Get Her For Christmas

“A diamond ring” When you’re having a steady date with a woman, even if you’re doing something raunchy like hooking up with a married woman, you ARE going to have to get her something for Christmas. Women expect gifts for Christmas, and if you’re the asshole who doesn’t get her one, your relationship probably isn’t going to last much longer than that. Yes, this applies even if you two decide not to do gifts for Christmas. The thought is what counts, though, so do NOT get her a cop-out gift or a just plain terrible gift. These are some of the WORST gifts you can give to a woman on Christmas. Jewelry Buying a woman jewelry is a TOTAL cop-out for a Christmas gift. Yes, many women love jewelry, but just because it’s a nice gift doesn’t mean it’s the right gift. There are a lot of things that should go into a jewelry gift, such as making sure it’s something she’ll actually wear, making sure it’s something she doesn’t already have, and making sure you’re choosing the exact right price range of jewelry for your current stage in your relationship. Unless you’re 100 percent confident in all those things, don’t risk it, and find something better to give your…

Topics To Never Bring Up In The Bedroom

There are a few things you should never bring up when you’re starting to heat things up in the bedroom with the woman you’re dating. These things should be common sense, especially if you’ve been around the married and dating circuit more than once, but you’d be surprised how many dudes just don’t get it. Whatever the case, these are just the things you should outright avoid talking about when you’re trying to be sexy behind shut doors, so keep it in mind when the two of you finally get between the sheets to have some fun! Don’t Talk About Her Husband It doesn’t matter if they actually have a fun relationship or a good one. Don’t talk about him! The time that you have with her in the bedroom is time that is only supposed to be between the two of you. If you start asking her about her husband and how he does things in bed, you’re going to start pushing some buttons that really don’t need to be pushed. There’s a good chance that you’re just going to turn her off entirely, and the whole evening is going to be ruined in short order! Don’t talk about him, don’t mention him, and just avoid the topic of…

How to Know Your Relationship Is Over

Everything has a time and a place, and everything that starts has to end. That’s just the nature of thermodynamics or something, or maybe good storytelling. The point is, relationships are the same way. Whether you’re just taking a sweet thing out for a spin on the town or you’re dating someone else’s wife, every relationship reaches a point where staying together just isn’t as good as being apart would be. You have to learn how to recognize this point in your relationship so you can get out with no regrets, and never be wishing that you’d recognized the signs sooner. Here’s how to know that your relationship has run its course and it’s time to bow gracefully out. You Dread Seeing Her “Difference of opinion” The girl you’re with doesn’t need to be the reason you get up in the morning, but thinking about her at least should put some kind of a smile on your face. If you’re honestly dreading seeing her, you have no more business being in a relationship with this woman. Maybe she’s great, and maybe you’re great, but the two of you are obviously not as compatible as you should be. There are so many other women out there that it’s totally pointless to…

Fun Outdoor Dates

“Take your girl on the perfect picnic date” There’s a time and a place for a movie date, and a restaurant date, and a bar date. Those times are the first few dates, when you’re not sure whether the girl you’ve landed is up for more than that, or if she’s a very conventional girl. Once you’ve been out a few times, however, take this opportunity to get out into the fresh air with some even fresher date ideas. Some are classic, and some are a little more whimsical. A bit of walking gets your bodies moving, which is a great precursor to making sure the two of you wind up in bed later on. Even if that’s not the plan, going on an outdoor date can help you capture some magic of the first few dates that you’re going to be wanting to revisit for a long time in the future. The Classic Picnic There’s a reason most classics become classics. A picnic is a great idea for several reasons, and makes an awesome alternative to paying for someone else to cook you dinner. The first reason is that it’s a hell of a lot cheaper to make a couple sandwiches (or a chicken marsala if you’re feeling fancy)…


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