How to Attract an Older Woman

You don’t have to be shyabout liking the older ladies. Lots of guys are into women with a few more digits on the milometer, for various reasons. These ladies are usually hotter in bed because they know what they want, they’re self-sufficient so they aren’t clingy, and they don’t bother with a lot of the dumb stuff that preoccupies the younger crowd of girls. However, knowing how to get with an older woman is different from knowing that you like to hook up with them. Here are some tips for how to land a mature lady. Do Charity “This is the best way to impress her” As women age, the things that they find attractive in a man change, too. When they’re younger, they tend to like guys that have certain “things,” like nice cars and eventually houses. When they get older, though, they’ve usually had all of those things. At least, the best cougars have experienced all the nice things in life, and are in the mood for someone who wants to give back. Surprisingly, doing charity can be a pretty big incentive for a mature woman to give you a second look, particularly because it’s the kind of thing that you don’t see many young men doing. It…

First Date Movies To Avoid

There are a lot of movies out there that are really not good for the first date that you have with the lady you’ve met on an online married dating site. Maybe some people would enjoy them, but unless you’ve got some specialized interests, the two of you should really stay away from these movies, or else she’ll be freaked out, you’ll be put off, and the two of you just aren’t going to have a good night at the movies at all. She might not ever want to see you again if you opt for one of these flicks! The Human Centipede Everyone has heard about this movie. If you haven’t, it’s about a whack job that decides glueing people’s mouths to other people’s butts is a fun practice. It’s a really gross-out horror movie, and while it achieved something of a cult status, attempting to show this to the woman that you’ve just met is pretty much the dumbest idea in the history of anything. Unless the two of you are die-hard gross-out horror fans, you need to pick a film that isn’t going to ruin the evening and make the two of you toss up that expensive dinner that you just got home from. Marley and Me…


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