What To Get Her On Her Birthday

It’s not hard to get a woman a few nice gifts, especially on her birthday. The key here, though, is to stay subtle and stay smart, or else her husband is going to start to get ideas about whether or not she’s having an affair while married. Whatever the case, you should be able to find her a gift that works for her, the situation, and all of her interests while still really doing something special. Women know what they want, so you need to ask her what she’s really looking forward to and go for it! A Gift Certificate To Her Favorite Store Every woman has a favorite place that they love to shop, whether it’s the iTunes store or Hot Topic, for all we know. You need to ask her where she’d love to go shopping, and then spoil her with a gift certificate that will let her get everything she wants in one trip. This takes a lot of the effort out of the equation for you while also making it a much more subtle gift that her husband can’t trace very easily. It’s pretty easy for her to say that her friends got it for her when it isn’t a sparkly diamond ring. Seriously, just ask…

Unconventional Date Ideas

“Take her to a haunted house” Once you’ve been on a few too many movie dates(more than one), you start to get bored of the same old, same old. Unsurprisingly, so do women. Whether you’ve met your current girl on a dating site or in person, an unconventional date can be just the thing you need in order to put the sparkle in your love life. These unconventional dates are especially good if you’re engaged in an affair rather than just a regular relationship, since women you meet on married dating sites won’t want to go somewhere typical that they could be recognized. A Sunrise Date Evenings are great and all, but thinking outside of the box is much more attractive to most women than doing the same old thing over and over. A sunrise date is a perfect way to make sure you’re really packing a punch, and just about anything suddenly becomes new and unusual when you do it at a different time of the day (breakfast for dinner comes to mind). This is a FANTASTIC idea if you both have busy schedules, or you’re always working around someone else (like if one of you has kids). If you can’t meet up for dinner one night, you don’t…

First Date Movies To Avoid

There are a lot of movies out there that are really not good for the first date that you have with the lady you’ve met on an online married dating site. Maybe some people would enjoy them, but unless you’ve got some specialized interests, the two of you should really stay away from these movies, or else she’ll be freaked out, you’ll be put off, and the two of you just aren’t going to have a good night at the movies at all. She might not ever want to see you again if you opt for one of these flicks! The Human Centipede Everyone has heard about this movie. If you haven’t, it’s about a whack job that decides glueing people’s mouths to other people’s butts is a fun practice. It’s a really gross-out horror movie, and while it achieved something of a cult status, attempting to show this to the woman that you’ve just met is pretty much the dumbest idea in the history of anything. Unless the two of you are die-hard gross-out horror fans, you need to pick a film that isn’t going to ruin the evening and make the two of you toss up that expensive dinner that you just got home from. Marley and Me…


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