Why Getting Your Date Drunk Is A Bad Idea

It might seem like a good idea to get your newest married hookup a little bit sloshed before the night is over. There are a lot of reasons why this is a dumb idea, though, and you need to consider all of your options before you let her drink herself into oblivion. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little alcohol or a lot; there is a lot wrong with getting her drunk and wanting to take her home afterwards, and not only will you regret it in the morning, but she will, too. Just think twice before you let it happen! Being Drunk Isn’t Consent When a lady is drunk, she can’t consent–that’s the thing and the main reason why getting her drunk when the two of you want to hookup is a really, really bad idea. If she’s just drinking a little to take the edge off, that’s one thing. If she’s sloshed out of her mind and toppling over, then there isn’t much you can do other than help her get a cab home. For her to be drunk is the ultimate destructor of an evening, and though a lot of guys seem to think it makes things a lot easier, you’re actually setting yourself up for a…

How To Know If She’s A Gold Digger

You’ve found the perfect lady, or so you think you have. She’s gorgeous, she’s married, and she seems like a blast in the sack. It’s hard to find the perfect package when looking on online dating married sites, but she’s more than perfect, or so you think. The problem is, she starts asking you to pay her bills, to take her shopping, or to generally buy her a lot of things that cost a lot of money. Is she a gold digger? It’s pretty easy to tell if you just observe her for a bit, and see what exactly she’s really after. She Wants You To Take Her Shopping…All The Time It’s one thing to take the lady you’re dating out shopping and for a good time. It’s something else if she wants you to do it all the time, and to pay for absolutely everything. You might be made of money, but she’s taking it to the next level! Unfortunately, if she wants you to buy her a lot of things, there’s a good chance she’s taking advantage of your good nature and your rather deep pockets. It’s pretty obvious when she starts demanding you take her to the ritziest stores and really goes out of her way to…


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