What NOT To Get Her For Christmas

“A diamond ring” When you’re having a steady date with a woman, even if you’re doing something raunchy like hooking up with a married woman, you ARE going to have to get her something for Christmas. Women expect gifts for Christmas, and if you’re the asshole who doesn’t get her one, your relationship probably isn’t going to last much longer than that. Yes, this applies even if you two decide not to do gifts for Christmas. The thought is what counts, though, so do NOT get her a cop-out gift or a just plain terrible gift. These are some of the WORST gifts you can give to a woman on Christmas. Jewelry Buying a woman jewelry is a TOTAL cop-out for a Christmas gift. Yes, many women love jewelry, but just because it’s a nice gift doesn’t mean it’s the right gift. There are a lot of things that should go into a jewelry gift, such as making sure it’s something she’ll actually wear, making sure it’s something she doesn’t already have, and making sure you’re choosing the exact right price range of jewelry for your current stage in your relationship. Unless you’re 100 percent confident in all those things, don’t risk it, and find something better to give your…

Great Road Trips for You And Your Girl

Road trips are one of the best times you can have with your woman, whether she’s a scintillating affair or she’s the girl next door made good. If you’re thinking that a little taste of the open road is just what the relationship doctor ordered, check out our recommendations for the BEST road trips you can hit. There’s one for every length, and in each corner of the continental U.S. Short (1-3 hours): North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway “Take her to this beautiful place” If you’re all about natural beauty, check out this scenic section of the best the South has to offer. If you want to see mountains, ridges, and stunning foliage, there’s no better place than the Blue Ridge Parkway. It has walking, hiking trails, biking trails, and beautiful places for you to park your car. Medium (5-10 hours): Pacific Coast Highway If you have a little more time, why not take your honey up or down the beautiful California coastline? See old growth redwood trees, the stunning Pacific Ocean, go through wine country, and enjoy the best of fruits and vegetables and white sandy beaches for as long as you want to take the road. The 101 might not be as fast as highway 5, but it…

Expensive Gifts That Will Get You Laid

Money isn’t always the main thing you should consider having when doing a lot of married online dating. That being said, it can’t help if you’re dating a girl that you need to impress before she hops in the sack with you! Not all ladies need the money flashed around, but if this woman does, then choose the gifts that you buy her carefully. If you do that, there’s a good chance she’s going to hop in the sack with you pretty darn quick, and keep coming back for more in the future if you keep pushing all the right buttons! Sparkly, Pretty Jewelry Okay, this one should be obvious. If you buy a girl a diamond, there’s a pretty good chance that she’s going to be wowed and thrilled by the gift, and want to return the favor…in the bedroom. If you know she isn’t fond of diamonds, though, then opt for another stone that can still really turn her on. Get her a stone that you know she likes in a cut she likes, and that will speak volumes. It’s still pricey, but it is a bit more intimate than just throwing a clear rock at her. Keep that in mind when you go jewelry shopping for your…

Etiquette For Meeting At Her Place

It’s probably not that often that you get to go over to her place, especially if she’s married. That’s the difficult of dating a married woman –her husband might be home, her kids might be home, and it’s just hard to work around their schedules and really make it work. That being said, if you do finally get to go over there and have a tour of her bedroom, there are some rules of etiquette that you should really think about following. It’s just not good to take advantage of your girlfriend’s home, especially when you don’t want her husband to find out about you later! Don’t Leave Your Stuff Lying Around First of all, it makes you seem like a slob. She’s not going to bring you over again if you treat her house like a bachelor’s pad, nor should she feel the need to. Another problem about slinging your stuff around and generally being gross about is that there is always the chance you’re going to forget something. Keep everything collected to your overnight bag, and that’s going to save you and your girlfriend a lot of stress later. You don’t want her husband to come home the next day and find one of your shirts left there…


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