Topics To Never Bring Up In The Bedroom

There are a few things you should never bring up when you’re starting to heat things up in the bedroom with the woman you’re dating. These things should be common sense, especially if you’ve been around the married and dating circuit more than once, but you’d be surprised how many dudes just don’t get it. Whatever the case, these are just the things you should outright avoid talking about when you’re trying to be sexy behind shut doors, so keep it in mind when the two of you finally get between the sheets to have some fun! Don’t Talk About Her Husband It doesn’t matter if they actually have a fun relationship or a good one. Don’t talk about him! The time that you have with her in the bedroom is time that is only supposed to be between the two of you. If you start asking her about her husband and how he does things in bed, you’re going to start pushing some buttons that really don’t need to be pushed. There’s a good chance that you’re just going to turn her off entirely, and the whole evening is going to be ruined in short order! Don’t talk about him, don’t mention him, and just avoid the topic of…

How to Look Like You Have Money (When You Don’t)

Let’s face it: women don’t want to date guys that are broke deadbeats. They want someone that can spoil them, someone that can take them out on the town, and someone that can make them feel special-even if they have to pick up the check at the end of the meal. But the recession has hit people hard, and plenty of guys are as broke as the English majors of yesteryear. The good news is, you can still LOOK like you have money, at least enough to make a girl think you’re not a terrible prospect to hook up with. This also works well if you like hooking up with older, more established (even married) women, since they won’t feel like they have to babysit you. Take Care of What You Have If you only own one suit, take care of it. Brush it for lint, carefully patch any holes, and only wear the pieces from it when you absolutely have to, like during job interviews or hot first dates. As long as you can pull it out when you need it, no one will mind that it’s not the best suit in the world. If you don’t have a suit at all, try local charities. Seriously, even if you’re…


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