Topics to Avoid on a First Date

A first date is great at making people feel anxious. Even if you’re just finally meeting up with someone you met online at a dating site, you’re going to want to make a great first impression. Something that a lot of first-time daters don’t seem to understand is that yes, you really should avoid certain topics on your dates, especially on first dates. More often than not, these are the topics you should also avoid at family dinners, and at parties that you attend in mixed company you’re not too sure of. People think that because they met on a dating website where they already aired their opinions, these subjects are safe to talk about on the date. However, this is not the case! Many people on dating websites will ignore certain facets of personality that they find obnoxious because they like the person as a whole. In general, there are three subjects to avoid on a first date. Politics “I think you don’t know anything about politics” Politics is more divisive in America now than it has been since the Whigs versus the Tories. Even if you know her political party and you totally agree with it, you’re still running a huge risk every time you open your mouth…

Etiquette For Meeting At Her Place

It’s probably not that often that you get to go over to her place, especially if she’s married. That’s the difficult of dating a married woman –her husband might be home, her kids might be home, and it’s just hard to work around their schedules and really make it work. That being said, if you do finally get to go over there and have a tour of her bedroom, there are some rules of etiquette that you should really think about following. It’s just not good to take advantage of your girlfriend’s home, especially when you don’t want her husband to find out about you later! Don’t Leave Your Stuff Lying Around First of all, it makes you seem like a slob. She’s not going to bring you over again if you treat her house like a bachelor’s pad, nor should she feel the need to. Another problem about slinging your stuff around and generally being gross about is that there is always the chance you’re going to forget something. Keep everything collected to your overnight bag, and that’s going to save you and your girlfriend a lot of stress later. You don’t want her husband to come home the next day and find one of your shirts left there…


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