How To Get Her Pets To Like You

It always is kind of a bummer if you head over to your girl’s house and her dog ends up barking the whole time. It’s even worse still is her cats end up scratching you when you try to pet them, because that just gives the impression that no animals like you. There’s something to be said about animals being a judge of character, but hey, she doesn’t need to know that. If you follow a few simple tips, there’s a good chance that her critters will like you well enough, and she won’t be suspicious about you coming back over to her place in the future. Let Them Come To You, Not You To Them Pets are weird creatures. A lot of times, it’s the cats that are the nuttiest and not too into strangers in general. If you really want her animals to like you, then sit quietly and wait for them to approach you before you run over and try to touch them. It’s pretty off-putting for people if you’re too affectionate with them, isn’t it? Animals are the exact same way, and you wouldn’t go chasing after a woman to pet her hair, so don’t do it with critters, either. If that still doesn’t work, then…

How to Bring Up the Topic of Threesomes

It’s every guy’s dream-a threesome with your girlfriend and another hot chick. This has been done to death in movies and TV shows for years, but we’ve almost never heard about a guy pulling this off in real life. However, there ARE ways to safely broach the subject with your girlfriend. This only works if you have a girl who’s really crazy in bed, or at least really open to the idea of new experiences. There are many potential pitfalls here, so look carefully at the Dos and Don’ts of each category! Find Her Own Kinks-And Satisfy Them DO: Make sure you spend time learning what really pleases your woman in the bedroom. If you’re a great lover, she’ll be much more willing to go along with the things you suggest, even if it’s nothing she’s ever considered before. After all, if you’re the guy who’s always rocking her world, why would she say no? DON’T: Shy away from her kinks. This might mean that you have to try some…unconventional stuff, but as long as it doesn’t put you in danger or turn you right the hell off, go for it. She’ll be way more willing to say yes to whatever you’re suggesting if you’re always up to try something…

How To Avoid A Married Woman’s Children

It’s kind of a dreaded thing for a lot of guys if they are dating a married woman. If she has kids, you don’t want to touch them with a ten foot pole. It’s not healthy for them and honestly, kids can’t keep secrets, nor do they understand why they should. If you’re smart, you’ll stay away from the kids of the married woman that you’re dating, because getting involved in her family life isn’t what online married dating is all about. It’s about your relationship, and there isn’t any need for you to stick your nose in the direction of her kids! Don’t Go to Her House Seriously, just don’t. She’s married and you’re the one that’s single and dating her, and so it doesn’t make any sense for you to be anywhere near her place. If she invites you over, make sure that you know the kids won’t be over there at all before you agree. Tell her that it has nothing to do with you not liking them, you just don’t want them to find out or get involved. If she isn’t an idiot, she’ll understand. If she doesn’t seem to get it or doesn’t care, then maybe you’re dating the wrong lady. Even if the two…

How Much Effort is Too Much Effort?

There’s always that one girl that you have trouble with. Maybe she just doesn’t seem to dig you at all no matter how much you do, and maybe she’s still wrapped up in her husband even after claiming she’s all about having an affair while married. No matter what the case is, there’s a point when you need to realize that it’s just too much work, and she’s never going to be into you like you’re into her. There are a few easy ways to realize that, and you need to run these things through your head when you’re trying to determine if it’s just too much work from now on. She Doesn’t Call Back the Night After Maybe you went out of your way to sweep her off her feet and take her to a romantic dinner. Maybe you pulled all the stops, took her shopping, and then the two of you had a really hot, sexy night under the stars. Whatever the case, you went out of your way to please her, but she just doesn’t call you the next day! That can be pretty off-putting for a lot of guys, and a big blow to the ego. Maybe it just wasn’t enough, you’ll tell yourself. Or really,…


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