How to Know if You’re Flirting With a Crazy Person Online

We’ve all heard the stories about people who were doing great in life until they found some lunatic online who made their life a living hell-or ended it. While most of the Internet is pretty safe for guys who are looking to hook up, there are still some profiles on dating sites that should raise eyebrows. There are definitely some warning signs that a girl isn’t all right in the head, and you should learn to spot them before contacting her back. Her profile says “No Crazy Guys!” There’s something like a self-fulfilling prophecy when it comes to spotting some loony tunes online. You have to actually know what you’re looking for, or these girls can sneak up out of nowhere. As terrifying as that sounds, there are some clear indicators that the girl you’re going after is Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. One of them is saying “No Crazy Guys!” somewhere in her online profile. She doesn’t actually mean “crazy.” We use that word when we mean “someone is doing something I don’t understand.” If this girl thinks she needs to screen for that right away, it means that she hasn’t been able to understand most of the guys she’s dated, which is bad news for you. She Puts Her…

How to Bring Up the Topic of Threesomes

It’s every guy’s dream-a threesome with your girlfriend and another hot chick. This has been done to death in movies and TV shows for years, but we’ve almost never heard about a guy pulling this off in real life. However, there ARE ways to safely broach the subject with your girlfriend. This only works if you have a girl who’s really crazy in bed, or at least really open to the idea of new experiences. There are many potential pitfalls here, so look carefully at the Dos and Don’ts of each category! Find Her Own Kinks-And Satisfy Them DO: Make sure you spend time learning what really pleases your woman in the bedroom. If you’re a great lover, she’ll be much more willing to go along with the things you suggest, even if it’s nothing she’s ever considered before. After all, if you’re the guy who’s always rocking her world, why would she say no? DON’T: Shy away from her kinks. This might mean that you have to try some…unconventional stuff, but as long as it doesn’t put you in danger or turn you right the hell off, go for it. She’ll be way more willing to say yes to whatever you’re suggesting if you’re always up to try something…

How to Attract an Older Woman

You don’t have to be shyabout liking the older ladies. Lots of guys are into women with a few more digits on the milometer, for various reasons. These ladies are usually hotter in bed because they know what they want, they’re self-sufficient so they aren’t clingy, and they don’t bother with a lot of the dumb stuff that preoccupies the younger crowd of girls. However, knowing how to get with an older woman is different from knowing that you like to hook up with them. Here are some tips for how to land a mature lady. Do Charity “This is the best way to impress her” As women age, the things that they find attractive in a man change, too. When they’re younger, they tend to like guys that have certain “things,” like nice cars and eventually houses. When they get older, though, they’ve usually had all of those things. At least, the best cougars have experienced all the nice things in life, and are in the mood for someone who wants to give back. Surprisingly, doing charity can be a pretty big incentive for a mature woman to give you a second look, particularly because it’s the kind of thing that you don’t see many young men doing. It…


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