Why “The Princess Bride” Will Get You Laid

“This movie makes every girl ready to jump into bed” There are some movies that are exciting, and girls like to grab your hand and sit on the edge of their seat. Some movies are scary, and they’re great for having your girl hide under your arm. Some movies are sad, and you’ll love the way your date cries into your shoulder or chest. And then there are some movies that are just GUARANTEED to get you laid. No, it’s not porn. It’s not even a sexy movie, but we’ve never talked to a guy that hasn’t gotten laid with this film. If you put this movie on and watch it with your girlfriend, whether she’s someone you’ve known forever or an affair you just met on a dating site, you WILL get laid. There’s something about “The Princess Bride” that just makes every girl ready to jump into bed, and even if we’re not sure why, we’re sure as hell going to take advantage of it! Every Girl Already Knows It One of the biggest problems about watching a movie with a girl on a date is that you and your date are focusing on what’s happening in the movie instead of paying attention to each other. We’ve yet…

How To Get Her Pets To Like You

It always is kind of a bummer if you head over to your girl’s house and her dog ends up barking the whole time. It’s even worse still is her cats end up scratching you when you try to pet them, because that just gives the impression that no animals like you. There’s something to be said about animals being a judge of character, but hey, she doesn’t need to know that. If you follow a few simple tips, there’s a good chance that her critters will like you well enough, and she won’t be suspicious about you coming back over to her place in the future. Let Them Come To You, Not You To Them Pets are weird creatures. A lot of times, it’s the cats that are the nuttiest and not too into strangers in general. If you really want her animals to like you, then sit quietly and wait for them to approach you before you run over and try to touch them. It’s pretty off-putting for people if you’re too affectionate with them, isn’t it? Animals are the exact same way, and you wouldn’t go chasing after a woman to pet her hair, so don’t do it with critters, either. If that still doesn’t work, then…

Date A Woman With Money

If you’re chasing after a married woman with money, then you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. These ladies are the kind of women that already seem to have everything, so you’ll need to step up your game and give her something that she doesn’t have already: respect and appreciation in a relationship. There’s a reason why she’s cheating on her husband, and it’s probably because he’s a giant douche that doesn’t treat her right. The best way to get around that is to make sure you treat her right, so make sure you go out of your way to please her! Satisfy Her in the Bedroom Women with money can buy whatever vibrator they want, but that’s nowhere near as satisfying as real, genuine physical intimacy with a man. Her husband obviously doesn’t give her what she needs, so that’s why she’s out and looking on married dating sites for the right guy to do it for her! Ask her what she wants out of sex. If she has any kinks, cater to them. Go out of your way to make her happy and please her in bed, and you’ll find this relationship greatly rewarding. She needs a man that can really take care of her in…


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