Why Women Read Romance Novels

“She wants to feel sexy” Romance novels are one of the most baffling things that exist to most guys, and for good reason. The covers alone tell most guys everything they need to know. They’re ridiculous, and they always look pretty much the same, with some dude with weird hair standing on the cover with a bare-ass chest and huge muscles clutching a woman who acts like she can’t stand up on her own. So why the hell do women read these brainless things? They can’t think that they’re GOOD-we know too many smart women to think that they’d really be taken in by something like that. We’ve all read about the crap they put out in stuff like “50 Shades of Gray,” and how they have all these creepy weird lines about inner goddesses and puckered love caves. Why do women like this trash? They Like to Feel Sexy Quite simply, romance novels make women feel sexy. Any woman who’s not currently experiencing a whirlwind romance likes to think of the feeling of that first moment in a relationship-but like with every kind of entertainment, it has to be MORE somehow. You wouldn’t like porn with real life-sized junk and unshaved models as much as you do the stuff…

What To Get Her On Her Birthday

It’s not hard to get a woman a few nice gifts, especially on her birthday. The key here, though, is to stay subtle and stay smart, or else her husband is going to start to get ideas about whether or not she’s having an affair while married. Whatever the case, you should be able to find her a gift that works for her, the situation, and all of her interests while still really doing something special. Women know what they want, so you need to ask her what she’s really looking forward to and go for it! A Gift Certificate To Her Favorite Store Every woman has a favorite place that they love to shop, whether it’s the iTunes store or Hot Topic, for all we know. You need to ask her where she’d love to go shopping, and then spoil her with a gift certificate that will let her get everything she wants in one trip. This takes a lot of the effort out of the equation for you while also making it a much more subtle gift that her husband can’t trace very easily. It’s pretty easy for her to say that her friends got it for her when it isn’t a sparkly diamond ring. Seriously, just ask…

Best Places To Take Her Shopping

Not every woman wants to go to Macy’s on a shopping trip. Depending on the married woman that is on your arm, she might have some pretty distinct preferences that you don’t need to ignore. Just because she’s a hot sexy young thing doesn’t mean that she wants to shop at Forever 21, and just because she’s an older woman doesn’t mean she wants to go to Chico’s. There are a lot of great options out there that are a bit more unconventional about shopping dates, and the two of you can enjoy yourselves a lot more if you figure out what pertains to your actual interests. Knitting Or Fabric Stores A lot of women–and men–actually have knitting as a hobby, and taking her to a really nice knitting shop can really make her day. They’re actually pretty few and far between, so good luck finding one that will suit her tastes. If you’re not sure, you can always ask her if she’s ever been to the store that you’re eyeing. If she dismisses it with disdain, then don’t bother. If she seems excited, then take her to it. It might be a couple of hours away, but the two of you can make a day trip out of it.…


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