Unconventional Date Ideas

“Take her to a haunted house” Once you’ve been on a few too many movie dates(more than one), you start to get bored of the same old, same old. Unsurprisingly, so do women. Whether you’ve met your current girl on a dating site or in person, an unconventional date can be just the thing you need in order to put the sparkle in your love life. These unconventional dates are especially good if you’re engaged in an affair rather than just a regular relationship, since women you meet on married dating sites won’t want to go somewhere typical that they could be recognized. A Sunrise Date Evenings are great and all, but thinking outside of the box is much more attractive to most women than doing the same old thing over and over. A sunrise date is a perfect way to make sure you’re really packing a punch, and just about anything suddenly becomes new and unusual when you do it at a different time of the day (breakfast for dinner comes to mind). This is a FANTASTIC idea if you both have busy schedules, or you’re always working around someone else (like if one of you has kids). If you can’t meet up for dinner one night, you don’t…

Preventing A Jealous Ex

There’s always that one lady that you meet on an online married dating website that haunts you well after the fact. She’s that ex-girlfriend that you really don’t want to have looming in the background, so before she ends up being that, you need to figure out how to prevent it! There are a few ways to make your break-ups a lot smoother and make sure they don’t create jealous ex-girlfriends, and it doesn’t take rocket science to make it happen. With girls like this, you just have to break up with them delicately and amicably. Don’t be an asshole, and she won’t make your life a living hell long after the fact. Don’t Be a Douchebag It’s that simple. When you break up with this girl and move on to the next one, don’t be a douchebag about it. It doesn’t matter the reason for your break up–you don’t need to be a jerk about it no matter what. She’s still a human being, and unless she actually landed you in jail, there’s no reason for you to sling around rude words or generally be a jerk to her face. Don’t be that ex-boyfriend that goes around telling people about how your girlfriend is a skank and a slut.…

How to Know Your Blind Date Is Nuts

When you’re spending time getting with girls on dating websites, you’re occasionally going to turn up some duds. This is true whether you’re on a married dating website, a singles dating website, or even a sugar daddy website. Duds are fine, if boring. What everyone REALLY wants to avoid is the nutso chick who secretly has a cleaver in her bag. Fortunately, there are some ways to tell when a date isn’t going to go right, and you need to get yourself out of there quickly. Here are some of the ways that you can tell this girl isn’t worth any more of your time and sanity. She Makes Crude/Racist Jokes Right Away “You should not tell her an offensive joke in the first meeting” We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with crude humor. Some of the funniest jokes we’ve ever heard are jokes we’d be ashamed to tell in front of our mothers. However, there’s a time and a place for that kind of thing, and you have to be able to follow social cues. If the girl you’re meeting immediately goes for a really crude or racist joke, this is someone who either has never been around people much or just doesn’t listen to what they have to…

Expensive Gifts That Will Get You Laid

Money isn’t always the main thing you should consider having when doing a lot of married online dating. That being said, it can’t help if you’re dating a girl that you need to impress before she hops in the sack with you! Not all ladies need the money flashed around, but if this woman does, then choose the gifts that you buy her carefully. If you do that, there’s a good chance she’s going to hop in the sack with you pretty darn quick, and keep coming back for more in the future if you keep pushing all the right buttons! Sparkly, Pretty Jewelry Okay, this one should be obvious. If you buy a girl a diamond, there’s a pretty good chance that she’s going to be wowed and thrilled by the gift, and want to return the favor…in the bedroom. If you know she isn’t fond of diamonds, though, then opt for another stone that can still really turn her on. Get her a stone that you know she likes in a cut she likes, and that will speak volumes. It’s still pricey, but it is a bit more intimate than just throwing a clear rock at her. Keep that in mind when you go jewelry shopping for your…

Dealing With Your Affair on the Holidays

If you’re in the middle of an affair with a married woman, you’re going to have to deal with the holidays at some point or another. This isn’t just a matter of dealing with the guilt that comes along with the holidays. It goes much deeper than that, and can be a very big problem if you don’t handle it carefully. This can be an emotional time for everyone, especially for your lovely lady. If you want your relationship to survive the holidays, no matter which holiday it is, there are some things you need to take to heart. Be Respectful “She wants to spend some quality time with her family – Let her do that” Your woman will probably have plans with her family. Realize that right now, and make sure you’ve internalized it. Whether you’re a single guy who just likes dating married women or whether you’re also having a family plan, you ARE in a relationship with someone married, and that original family has to come first. After all, if you wanted to be her one and only, she wouldn’t be married to someone else. Make sure you’re not demanding that she take time away from her family to be with you. That’s immature, and it’s going…


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