Safe Pet Names

Everyone has an ex that has freaked out over some pet name or another. There are a lot of reasons for that, and people get very touchy about things like pet names in general. However, it’s kind of natural to call your significant other by a pet name, if you’re feeling close to them. Being shot down is one of the worst things, because it’s difficult to call someone a good pet namewhen they’ve already told you to stop. Unless she’s told you to stop calling her names in general instead of calling her by a specific one, there are a few ways to give her a sweet nickname that she won’t object to. Appearance-Based “My wild cat” The good thing about appearance-based pet names is that they’re pretty specific to the girl herself. While girls don’t like the more conventional pet names as much as Hollywood movies have led us to believe, they do still tend to like ones that apply to them and only them. If she has brown eyes, try out “My brown-eyed girl.” If she’s got a beauty mark, call her something sweet and French. Make it personal to her, and she’ll be much less likely to take offense, even if she doesn’t usually like pet…

How Much Effort is Too Much Effort?

There’s always that one girl that you have trouble with. Maybe she just doesn’t seem to dig you at all no matter how much you do, and maybe she’s still wrapped up in her husband even after claiming she’s all about having an affair while married. No matter what the case is, there’s a point when you need to realize that it’s just too much work, and she’s never going to be into you like you’re into her. There are a few easy ways to realize that, and you need to run these things through your head when you’re trying to determine if it’s just too much work from now on. She Doesn’t Call Back the Night After Maybe you went out of your way to sweep her off her feet and take her to a romantic dinner. Maybe you pulled all the stops, took her shopping, and then the two of you had a really hot, sexy night under the stars. Whatever the case, you went out of your way to please her, but she just doesn’t call you the next day! That can be pretty off-putting for a lot of guys, and a big blow to the ego. Maybe it just wasn’t enough, you’ll tell yourself. Or really,…


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