Why Getting Her A Pet Is A Bad Idea

There are a lot of different presents you can get the hot lady you met on an online dating affair site. One of the worst options you can go for, however, is any kind of pet. It doesn’t matter how much she begs for that fluffy dog, it just isn’t a good idea on about a dozen levels! First of all, it definitely isn’t a discreet gift idea, and second of all, she may or may not realize exactly how much work goes into that pet. Pets aren’t ornaments and they don’t make good surprise gifts, either, so think twice (maybe three times) before you actually give in and buy her a pet as a present. They Are Living Things Pets are living, breathing things, and a lot of people seem to forget that. The fact of the matter is that a lot of people try and treat them as furniture, especially if they match it. That really doesn’t need to happen at all, because pets aren’t mean to be ornaments or decorations. If your girl wants a fluffy white dog to parade around and have people ooh and ahh over it, then she definitely doesn’t need it. Dogs are a lot of work, and they require a lot of…

What A Woman’s Dye Job Says about Her

A lot of women dye their hair. Depending on who you’re talking to on a married online dating site, you might find that a woman does it often, or is actually kind of scared to after the first time went wrong! Women vary widely in this practice, and you might find women that have never even dyed their hair once. The way a woman treats her hair can say a lot about her, so it’s something you should monitor closely and comment on in order to find out more about her and her preferences in not only her hair, but in life! No Dye What-So-Ever Maybe she’s never had her hair dyed, not even once, and so she’s an all-natural girl. If she feels confident pulling that off and loves her own hair that much, then good for her! You actually don’t see a lot of women out there today that haven’t dyed their hair at least once, so it’s pretty cool to see a lady that is doing her own thing, so to speak. Maybe she’s got luscious locks because of it and really pulls it off, or maybe she’s an older woman that relishes the grey that’s coming in. Whatever the case, she’s rocking the no-dye look. The…

How to Attract an Older Woman

You don’t have to be shyabout liking the older ladies. Lots of guys are into women with a few more digits on the milometer, for various reasons. These ladies are usually hotter in bed because they know what they want, they’re self-sufficient so they aren’t clingy, and they don’t bother with a lot of the dumb stuff that preoccupies the younger crowd of girls. However, knowing how to get with an older woman is different from knowing that you like to hook up with them. Here are some tips for how to land a mature lady. Do Charity “This is the best way to impress her” As women age, the things that they find attractive in a man change, too. When they’re younger, they tend to like guys that have certain “things,” like nice cars and eventually houses. When they get older, though, they’ve usually had all of those things. At least, the best cougars have experienced all the nice things in life, and are in the mood for someone who wants to give back. Surprisingly, doing charity can be a pretty big incentive for a mature woman to give you a second look, particularly because it’s the kind of thing that you don’t see many young men doing. It…


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