Topics to Avoid on a First Date

A first date is great at making people feel anxious. Even if you’re just finally meeting up with someone you met online at a dating site, you’re going to want to make a great first impression. Something that a lot of first-time daters don’t seem to understand is that yes, you really should avoid certain topics on your dates, especially on first dates. More often than not, these are the topics you should also avoid at family dinners, and at parties that you attend in mixed company you’re not too sure of. People think that because they met on a dating website where they already aired their opinions, these subjects are safe to talk about on the date. However, this is not the case! Many people on dating websites will ignore certain facets of personality that they find obnoxious because they like the person as a whole. In general, there are three subjects to avoid on a first date. Politics “I think you don’t know anything about politics” Politics is more divisive in America now than it has been since the Whigs versus the Tories. Even if you know her political party and you totally agree with it, you’re still running a huge risk every time you open your mouth…

How To Get Her Pets To Like You

It always is kind of a bummer if you head over to your girl’s house and her dog ends up barking the whole time. It’s even worse still is her cats end up scratching you when you try to pet them, because that just gives the impression that no animals like you. There’s something to be said about animals being a judge of character, but hey, she doesn’t need to know that. If you follow a few simple tips, there’s a good chance that her critters will like you well enough, and she won’t be suspicious about you coming back over to her place in the future. Let Them Come To You, Not You To Them Pets are weird creatures. A lot of times, it’s the cats that are the nuttiest and not too into strangers in general. If you really want her animals to like you, then sit quietly and wait for them to approach you before you run over and try to touch them. It’s pretty off-putting for people if you’re too affectionate with them, isn’t it? Animals are the exact same way, and you wouldn’t go chasing after a woman to pet her hair, so don’t do it with critters, either. If that still doesn’t work, then…

How to Attract an Older Woman

You don’t have to be shyabout liking the older ladies. Lots of guys are into women with a few more digits on the milometer, for various reasons. These ladies are usually hotter in bed because they know what they want, they’re self-sufficient so they aren’t clingy, and they don’t bother with a lot of the dumb stuff that preoccupies the younger crowd of girls. However, knowing how to get with an older woman is different from knowing that you like to hook up with them. Here are some tips for how to land a mature lady. Do Charity “This is the best way to impress her” As women age, the things that they find attractive in a man change, too. When they’re younger, they tend to like guys that have certain “things,” like nice cars and eventually houses. When they get older, though, they’ve usually had all of those things. At least, the best cougars have experienced all the nice things in life, and are in the mood for someone who wants to give back. Surprisingly, doing charity can be a pretty big incentive for a mature woman to give you a second look, particularly because it’s the kind of thing that you don’t see many young men doing. It…


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