Why Women Think Cooking is Sexy

There are a lot of reasons why a lady thinks a chef in the kitchen is smoking hot. Cooking has always been such a traditional thing for a married lady that there’s no reason not to think that it’s sexy for a guy to do it instead, but some ladies really just want to be pampered for a change! A guy that can cook is a provider, and every woman wants to be provided for in some way, no matter what she says. Spoil her in the kitchen, and there’s a good chance she’s going to start throwing herself into your bed. The Chance For In-Home Romantic Meals A woman loves a man that can cook because it’s like having a personal chef. She wants a man that can whip up a romantic dinner right there in her own home (or his) and spoil her from head to do without ever having to leave. If a man can do that, there’s a good chance she’s going to ask him to take her right there on the kitchen table before dessert is even served. This works especially well if you know all of her favorites and can cook them just the way she likes. Seriously, women are going to crazy for…

What Her Taste In TV Says About Her

You’ve found this smoking hot lady to have an affair with, and the two of you settle down on the couch to watch some television together after a night out on the town. This should be something painless and fun, but your eyes pop out of your head when she flips on Rupaul’s Drag Race. There’s a lot that your girlfriend’s taste in television can say about her, and while it might not always be what you expect, there can be a lot to be found out about her from this kind of thing. Take it at face value and enjoy it if nothing else! She Likes Reality TV Honestly, who isn’t into some reality TV show nowadays? There are a dozen and a half to choose from, whether it be about cooking, drag queens, fashion, or the family life of a bunch of trailer park trash kids. Reality television is basically the staple of a lot of people that tune in every week, and you really shouldn’t judge her based on that. These kind of television shows can be addicting! That being said, if she likes reality television, she probably is kind of competitive, picks favorites, and has some obvious preferences. Watch who she’s rooting for. That’ll tell a…


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